Rev. Austin Miles, a chaplain in Northern California is a writer and historian. He is the author of Santa's Surprising Origins, a story that received worldwide circulation and resulted in him being cast in the 2004 Hallmark Christmas Movie titled, Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus. He played the mall Santa who magically received the gift of sign language.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

SocietyPolitical Zingers For Election Day-VOTE CAREFULLY!

Is Christine O’Donnell REALLY dumb as Dems trumpet?  Did Meg Whitman knowingly hire and keep an illegal on her payroll? And of special interest to residents of the California Bay Area, in particular, Contra Costa County—what are the newspapers hiding?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Society“A Bum Deal” Fascinating and Disturbing Look at Homeless Life—Book Review

Many automatically avert their gaze to avoid making eye contact when they see a homeless person on the street, since it is better, they feel, to not recognize through their own eyes, that homelessness exists. Those who look away are fighting a fear that they too could wind up on the street. As the philosopher, George Berkeley, reasoned, “What one perceives exists. What one does not perceive does not exist.” So what is playing out is fear, denial and perception defense. To the homeless person, the turning of a head away from them signifies total rejection, because, they think, they are disgusting and less than human, a self-hatred perception which cause them even greater pain. They have been thrown away, rejected and treated as trash, being caught in a trap that seems inescapable..

Friday, September 17, 2010

SocietyPrince Poppycock’s Popoffs Puffs Cool Million plus Star Status

It was a self-inflicted crash that took with it a million dollars and a shot at stardom. And it proved that even though ‘America’s Got Talent,’ it will mean nothing if you alienate your audience. And it shows clearly why we need to get back to having a little more class and some manners.

Friday, September 3, 2010

SocietyBeck’s Racist Rally—Really?

Readers, I’ve tried to get this out all day but again, my computer has been hacked and blocked. Obama’s Marxists do not want this story published. They have tried on several occasions to disable my computer and in effect, to silence me. According to today’s “People’s World, ” the Communist paper of Communist Party USA (CPUSA), the Glenn Beck Rally in D.C. at The Lincoln Memorial, was racist and they hijacked the anniversary of the Martin Luther King “I have a dream” speech that was given at that location, a day in which people of all colors were welcome and gathered in unity, while Beck’s rally was attended by racist white people. So saith they.

Friday, August 20, 2010

SocietyAmazing Love Story In Face of Death Unfolds in Oakley School

One of the first individuals to be encountered when coming to Trinity Christian School in Oakley is School Administration Assistant, Dee Halog. The attractive young woman behind the Reception Area desk possesses a compelling friendly face. Her name wasn’t always Halog. She was formerly Dee Strongren. Nearby, one might notice a young man doing various duties, whose distinctive continental (yes exotic) look was moulded from his mixed Filipino and Japanese heritage which, mind you, is becoming. Sean Halog stands out even though his is a quiet presence. Whoever sees them at their work have no idea of the phenomenon of their lives underneath the surface, which is true of most people…

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