Rev. Austin Miles, a chaplain in Northern California is a writer and historian. He is the author of Santa's Surprising Origins, a story that received worldwide circulation and resulted in him being cast in the 2004 Hallmark Christmas Movie titled, Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus. He played the mall Santa who magically received the gift of sign language.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ReligionChristians Suffer in Middle East Wars

WE ARE BACK ON THE AIR! As readers know, this website was suddently taken off the air without any notice almost two weeks ago. It was explained that it was all a misunderstanding. In any case, we are back. Our sincere thanks to Pati Neal, of Pati Neal Graphics (whose late husband, LB Neal, built this site for me), whose extraordinary help and assistance saved this website.  The story below is one that was written just before the site went down. We are now approaching the 3 million visitors mark.  While the Obama Administration has proven to be loyal readers, we are not certain that they can be counted as ‘fans.’ Please use your social media to help pass the word that we are back up and running. Thanks. Rev. Austin Miles

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ReligionJerry Newcombe on Falsified Marriage Stats

How accurate are the statistics that are published as fact? A major targeted area is, of course, anything Christian, with manipulated stats dedicated to undermine the Christian faith as well as belittle it. One of the Liberals’ most effective schemes is to declare that the divorce rate amongst Christians is as high as it is in the world. Is it really? COLUMNIST-RADIO COMMENTATOR JERRY NEWCOMBE knocks down that false premise along with the “fact” that half of ALL marriages end in divorce, a ploy used by the homosexual lobby to push their agenda.  Don’t miss reading this column as it exposes the lies pushed on a gullible public they hope to deceive.

Monday, June 16, 2014

SocietyGuest Joe Otto on Arrests for Criticizing Obama

While marching America into Communism, Obama, right from the beginning, was not subtle. He told Joe The Plumber that he intends to “Redistribute the Wealth,” a page right out of Karl Marx. After hijacking The White House he immediately appointed CZARS, an office known only in the former Communist Soviet Union. Those who oppose the redefinition of marriage are sent to “sensitivity training,” which in Communist led countries means, “Re-education camps.” Those who dissent in any way are required to be subject to, “Psychological Evaluation.” In Communist countries anyone who opposes government are sent to insane asylums. And this is happening in America NOW as you will see below. GUEST COLUMNIST JOE OTTO, in his “Letter to Conservatives” tackles these very issues without restraint.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

SocietyJerry Newcombe on “Essence of Liberalism”

The liberal brain is a mine-field where Angels would fear to tread. COLUMNIST JERRY NEWCOMBE with his quest for history and analysis has thrown all caution behind to bravely traverse that uncertain territory.

Friday, June 13, 2014

ReligionObama Spiritual Adviser Catches Flack

WASHINGTON,D.C.—Not many people are aware that Obama has a “Spirtual Adviser.” The mainstream media has been mostly silent about it, leaving only a couple of internet news sites, including Huffington Post, to notice it. We were alerted by our Researcher, Helen Trautman of Pittsburgh, who sent a copy of the information as published in Newsmax, a respected internet news source, and the Christianity Today publication, Leadership.

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