Monday, November 8, 2021

It hurts to write columns like this but think of those who rescue and save these poor muggers and deal with their hurt and pain everyday.  It’s this kind of barbaric, savagery that hurts the human soul. Unless you are a sociopath or worse, a psychopath serving Lucifer.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I volunteered at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, CA, where she was born a couple months later.  I was assigned the pediatric ward. I thought, oh boy, I get to hold those babies, and read to the kiddies!

After one week I asked if there wasn’t another section of the hospital I could volunteer?  You see, I couldn’t stand seeing this:  9-month old infant with cigarette burns on her arms.  Done by druggie husband because baby wouldn’t stop crying.

18 month old little boy with a cast on his leg and head wound.  Drunk boyfriend gets into with the equally drunk mother, picks up the baby by one leg and slammed it against the wall.  The list went on which caused me too much stress being seven months along. Not good for me or my soon to come baby girl.

So, I got assigned to the geriatric ward and had a wonderful time with all those “old people” (please remember I’m 72).  Some things you never forget.  One lady was in her early 80’s.  Her facial skin was smooth as a babies cute little behind.  I asked her what she uses and, oh my gosh, it was so funny.  She looks at me and says, Vaseline, of course!  Been using it for over 70 years and look all the money I saved from fancy face creams! A bit of mischief in her eyes and I loved her for it.

OUR Congress, governors and state legislators fund this and while it is likely to upset, please share it everywhere.  It must stop.  I’m hopeful the GenZ Conservative web site and other college sites will also pick it up and maybe they can raise such hell at Temple U and Madison-Wisconsin U it stops.  Hopefully their alumni will get the message.  They’re not the only universities.  You’ll see the massive BILLIONS doled out by Dr. Death Anthony Fauci.

Fauci Isn’t the Only Sadistic Bastard

This is but one photo.  I know, but we can’t stop evil by ignoring it and I know everyone on my email list are warriors.