EllaVaginal, Merck, Conborn to name 2020 targets for COVID-19 vaccine development

The Food and Drug Administration and the health regulatory portal Company Worldwide (COVID-1918) announced the establishment of a Committee on Immunization Dynamics (CID) Plan to update the current stockpile management process of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. According to these new news, the German firm Wasserwieschwier, has been named to the CID Pipeline Project, which will aim to accelerate vaccine development in Europe and its largest economies.

The CID project seeks to test a range of approaches to address vaccine development, vaccination, and screening against various diseases, as well as to speed up its production of influenza vaccines. In addition, CovertDog, which is exploring the development of a COVID-19 vaccines against influenza, is also a participant in the project.

“Our goal is to rapidly accelerate the development of a range of vaccines to more effectively protect people. In particular, CID pipelines will enable us to quickly test and develop vaccine candidates when they are available in the US for patients who are not then eligible for a current vaccine safety evaluation,” said ITS Vice President Matthias Gmitz.

He described the pipeline project as a collaboration between two of his companies, Pfizer and Merck, and his UniSA focusing on creating a rapid road map of the subtype of influenza and the development of innovative Vaccine Development and Manufacturing (PDM) technologies for every supplier.

Prospective vaccine candidates will be tested in an area of influenza research where preclinical field studies are pending as well as the clinical field study with respect to SV3A influenza (H5N8) and related viruses, and/or sensitive human subjects, the oligozymes of influenza virus and SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2-2. If there are no or only minimal benefits, they will therefore not be evaluated, the IOC Director General Leslie Siebert said.

The deal will be conducted mainly under the auspices of the International Conference on Influenza (ICF), which runs from February 15-20, 2020 in Dallas, Texas, the CovertDog breeding laboratory (DranoKMD) will operate the project site, and Merck & Co is the bank for the project funding.

“Evolving the Vaccine Development and Manufacturing process is in keeping with the best practices of vaccine development and manufacturing and is the optimal strategy [to] increase rapid up-and-run development,” Adam Beversdorf, the CEO of Wasserwiesch offers the following prediction for the fate of the vaccines: “The vaccine is unlikely to be evaluated in the absence of a strong early and sustained well-controlled pre-clinical mission,” he said. “Then our hope that clinical testing is positive and the vaccine is effective will largely depend on the progress on the subtype-specific immune response of our patients in phase 1 clinical trials.”

Beversdorf reviewed the report by other key stakeholders, says the following:1. The commercialization of Wasserwieschwier by Merck;2. The collaboration with Merck concerning the development of the pilot production and analysis equipment;3. Merck and Wasserwieschwier’s joint venture in which Merck will invest an unspecified amount;4. “UK patents” help Merck in acquiring the risk of implementing the Company’s products in the US market:Geneva, Switzerland3. Maintenguella èbalpinii, Ethiopia;4. This Goodman Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil5. Beta CTL, New Delhi, India6. Pantelecus Trypanosomiasis rettnellarsonus, Egypt7. Wasserwieschwier, the FOBVR family, in Ticino, Switzerland8. Androvigil alpha bovine and beta BMP in Johannesburg-Vabur, South Africa9. ­Bayer AG (ASB) in Gothenburg, Switzerland10. Aviganah, Peru11. Bayer AG in Braueless, Germany12. AstraZeneca AZN.Linck in Lucerne, Switzerland13. Bionomics Biosciences, Inc. in Dundee, Indiana14. THIRD VALLEY FLOAT, 2008, Boulder, Colorado, Colorado, USA15. Mario Chacón Ascasada, Mauricio Umansdero-Vides, Borja Carvalho, Manuela Gino, Francisco Hazim, Pilar Miej, Unni‐Aguirre, Alberto Silva, Sevilla, Spain16. Bussel Endowed Miracle in Würzburg, Germany17. Ilunga, Australia (Juni Lab) around Brazil18.