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Friday, December 30, 2016

General • CHIP McLEAN on Need of Plunger in D.C.

Grab the Plunger, He Won’t Flush
by Chip McLean

Historically, lame duck presidents have been (for the most part) gracious between the period post-election and the inauguration of the new president.

That has all changed this year due to the great narcissist Barack Obama – consumed with his “legacy – going bananas with all manner of executive actions. Obama has had a “fire sale” on presidential pardons.

Then there is his presumptuous pronouncement that he would have beaten Trump, if only that pesky U.S. Constitution hadn’t gotten in the way of his running again. His belief that he would have won in a theoretical match-up belies the fact that under his eight years of “leadership”, the Dems have lost over 1000 seats, counting congressional seats, governorships and state legislatures.

If the public were that impressed with Obama and the far-left, big gubmit policies that he and the Democrat Party represent, I doubt that they would have experienced the shellacking they received from American voters.

Obama is terrified that Donald Trump will undo most of his agenda, and is therefore taking all of these executive actions in order to create impediments for the incoming president.

His recent snub of Israel at the U.N. has had a major backlash from many conservatives, Jewish Americans and even other Democrats – not to mention from Israel itself.

Yet, he keeps churning out the executive orders.

As the Washington Examiner pointed out: Although he has just three weeks left in office, Obama has pursued an aggressive slate of foreign policy moves, environmental rules and executive orders in an attempt to tie up the loose ends of his policy agenda before Trump can begin to dismantle it.

Meanwhile, Trump has already begun to pursue his own agenda — a course that has repeatedly brought him into direct conflict with the sitting president.

“There’s no question that Trump is a unique animal, but what Obama is doing is unprecedented,” said Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist.

Indeed. On top of everything else that Obama has done, he has now engaged in a gigantic land grab: President Barack Obama decreed two more national monuments from his vacation home in Hawaii on Wednesday, taking 1.65 million more acres of Western land for management by the federal government.

The new Bear Ears Buttes monument includes 1.35 million acres of Utah and the Gold Butte monument includes about 300,000 acres in Nevada.

That makes a total of 553 million acres of national lands and waters that Obama has repurposed for conservation and protection using the 1906 Antiquities act, more than any other president, according to the New York Times. More than 80 percent of Nevada and about 65 percent or Utah is owned by the federal government, according to National Public Radio. (emphasis added)

Obama set out to “fundamentally transform” our nation. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough people paying attention to that phrase when he originally campaigned on it in 2008.

What I (and a number of others) were sounding the alarms about back then was that this was a radical departure from previous “liberals” – who generally talked about working within our system of government.

What Obama really meant when he said “fundamentally transform” was that he hated the system of government we have and the principles we were founded on. What Obama actually wanted was to destroy the American republic and replace it with a socialist, globalist utopia that would be modeled after European socialism and ruled from beyond by world government.

In the process, Obama has done everything he could to obliterate the U.S. Constitution, individual liberties and state’s rights.
After eight years, Joe Six Pack woke up and realized he no longer recognized the country in which he was born.

That is why Donald Trump won – Americans want America back, along with her greatness – the greatness and exceptionalism that Barack Obama abhors.

Rather than bowing out graciously and recognizing that the public wants no more of his brand of governance, this egomaniac continues to push unilateral actions in the hope that some of it “sticks”.

It is past time for Obama to go away. Unfortunately, he is much like an over-sized turd that simply won’t flush.
Have no fear though, Trump Plumbing Company will arrive January 20th to remedy the situation.

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