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Monday, March 8, 2010

Society • Hooray For Hollywood!

The Academy Awards aired tonight, lasting for 3 1/2 hours. Having been turned off by those Hollywood presentations in the past, there was no desire to ever see another one. Those shows had become worse and worse with vulgar language, sexual innuendos, anti-God, anti-American sentiments and was becoming more of a platform for political propaganda than to acknowledge good films and actors. Then…..

Then the recent Screen Actor’s Guild Awards Show came on which was a staging disaster. It was not coordinated, was choppy, actors didn’t know when to enter or exit or where to go. When they did get in place, they had no stage presence, stumbled over words, and were so awkward that it was embarrassing. To add to the mix, Betty White made crude sexual innuendos about some men among the attendees. Not becoming to her.

Performers in the audience exhibited hostility to winners which was caught on camera during quick audience shots. It was the worst program ever to fill a TV screen. Plus, they called all performers, ‘actors,’ instead of calling males, actors and females, actressess which took more time since they had to explain that this one coming is a male actor and this one is a female actor. It was so annoying that this writer vowed to never watch an award show again.

It was with hesitation that we decided to watch the opening of the Academy Awards tonight,  What a pleasant surpirse! It was like an entirely new Hollywood as the show unfolded making us wanting to see more. It was a classy production all the way, well produced, moved smoothly and was on purpose. Best of all there were no vulgar words, no anti-American, anti-God statements. Indeed there were two TRIBUTES to our military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan by participants. The acceptance speeches were short, to the point and meaningful. All particpants were charming and fun.

Those nominees in the audience showed genuine delight for each winner which displayed a refreshing comradre. It was a very pleasant show to watch. This was Hollyowood at its best. For a period of time it appeared that the film industry had lost its original purpose to present films that would take everyone’s mind off of the chaos of the world and give them encouragment and inspiration via the film arts. This is what the entertainment industry is supposed to do. And it has been proved that films that do just that are the biggest money makers, because that is what the public wants.

So with a tip of the beret, we say, Hooray for Hollywood!  Your Adademy Award Show tonight gets an A+.




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