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Friday, March 19, 2010

Society • Newscast Kids Quickly Embraced

There is a new addition to a unique newscast being produced and aired by Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley, California which is now being aired throughout the world. The Kidscast consists of a team of young girls that everyone would love to have as daughters, or, later on, as daughters-in-law.

The AGN-TCL Good News For The World immediately caught favor with viewers because of the uplifting content, not preaching mind you, but stories gathered from news reports that the mainstream media have either buried or censored altogether (they prefer the detailed gory stuff).

The AGN (America’s Good News) TCL (The Connecting Link) newscast spotlights such under-reported stories as a black high school where every student there graduated, were tested and accepted by major colleges and universities…an incredible art auction during the Viet Nam era…a new look at “Old Geezers” and other stories from the news that will tickle the funny bone. It makes for a neat break in the midst of a chaotic day.

What is especially appealing, according to viewers, is that each newscast features tidbits of the news in segments that run less than 10 minutes. Short, sweet, and meaningful.

Starting with no fanfare or advanced publicity, curious viewers saw the listing,  tuned in, liked it, told others, sent links to friends and other news sources. Plus the newscasts are being picked up by Asian countries that particularly seem to enjoy this approach to the news-of-the-day coming from America.

The first team to air consists of this writer and Angelia Baxter. Next, a Kids Team came together featuring.Amari Chambers, a charming 17 year old, teamed with 11 year old Camilla Spangler, who comes across like a real pro. They are fun to watch.

The Kid Team just made their debut on America’s Good News, being shown on Youtube, Tangle and various other internet news sites. In their initial newscast, both kids were nervous, got through the opening, than stumbled over a word and got the giggles. Their director came in, got them on track, and they made it through their first telecast. The blooper opening was kept in since there is a certain delight in seeing wholesome kids working something out.

You can watch the newscast by going to YouTube, or Tangle, then type in, MVCC Oakley which will bring you to the page. For the Kid’s Team, blooper and all, here is a direct link:

You can also keep track of all the newscasts and be notified of each new post by becoming a “subscriber” to YouTube or Tangle, and also on this website.







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