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Thursday, March 25, 2010

MilesTones • Beware The Ides of March—Of Obama’s Healthcare—Stupak Typo

This column is late. Been sidelined for the last 4 days. The ram-rodded paid passage for Obama’s healthkill bill destination made me sick. Not to worry though, The One will take care of all my health needs because he said so. Wait! I am a senior citizen, perhaps I DO have something to worry about. What a week this has been already, and it’s not over yet. What’s amazing is how the events of this week follow a trend of infamy that has threaded history together during this particular time….

This is a week that we would have been better off without. Tuesday in particular, might have caused everyone to dive under the table or in a doorway [when] the news was breaking about Obama forcing his takeover of healthcare in the U.S.,, .an event that harmonizes with continual political squash-downs during this time of year.

It was on that March 23rd day, in 1919 that Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Government began,  in 1956,when Islam took over Pakistan, when Patrick Henry declared in 1775, “Give me liberty, or give me death,” which has special significance this week, the day when Mexico Presidential Candidate,Luis Donaldo was assassinated in 1994,  and it was on this day in recent history when the government court system refused to reinsert brain-damaged Terri Schiavo’s feeding line that they had ordered disconnected—giving us all an advance peek into Barack Obama’s Future Health Plan for America.

During the healthcare debate, representatives complained that nobody could understand it. Nancy Pelosi, without blinking, replied, “It’s OK, you WILL when the bill is passed.” (?)  Yep, that is for certain, we have no doubt. We understood it completely before it was passed.

A big joggle in the midst of the mess was Representative Bart Stupak (D-Mich) who pretended to be a moderate progressive (which would gain him some personal support from both sides), before he accepted the purchase price for his ‘yes’ to ‘no’ vote to cinch this major move to Marxist Socialism which will harm everyone including Stupak. There does appear to be a typo in the spelling of his name.. Shouldn’t that ‘ak’ at the end of Stupak instead be “id?”.


A driver in France sped past a speed trap as he flew down the highway going 300 kilometers (186 mph—over twice the legal speed), was cop-stopped and found to have been using “medical” cannibis, meaning smoking joints…well, they don’t call dope “speed” for nothing…about 4000 minks ran free from their farm in Germany (animal rights groups suspected) and they are creating havoc. (we are referring to the minks, not the animal rights group—then again…ahhh forget it!.)  According to reports from German news site, The Local, they are marauding through the Brandenburg countryside, killing chickens and woodland creatures while causing property damage. Perhaps women could grab them and drape them around their shoulders, giving a more natural look to their mink coats…..a campus atheist group set up shop Monday at the University of Texas of San Antonio, offering students the opportunity to trade in their Bibles for pornography which more correctly reflects the atheist lifestye. These generous humble men of (no) God are quietly tossing in a complimentary travel package to a location that offers a warmer climate.

Startling headline in today:  “Irish Abstinence From Alcohol Leads To Loss of 15,000 Jobs.” The story lists the cause as the recession. One would think the stress of the recession would cause people to drink MORE…..a government court just ruled that music cannot be performed in schools if it sounds religious. How’s that again? That was the recent ruling against students at Henry M. Jackson High School in Everett, Washington with judges stating (in their ruling) that even if the music is instrumental only, meaning with no words sung,  if it even sounds religious, by golly, it is out. 

What about someone LOOKING like a Christian even though he doesn’t say anything religious?  Would this mean the law would require us (who are), to wear veils to cover our faces like Moses when he returned from the mountain with a glow on his face having been with God?  Could be…but then again, what about Muslim women who wear burkas that cover everything? Since wearing burkas affirm a religion (Islam) would this require the law to make them strip off their clothing?  Time to take another walk.

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