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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Society • Nuttiest News of The Day—Plus Video

Last week I did a funeral for a German family who had found themselves behind The Iron Curtain under Communist rule when the wall divided East Germany from West Germany. The mother of the family starved to death during that time because there were no provisions for food. The family shared with me the horrors of living under Marxist-Communist-Socialist rule, the very rule that Obama offers us for the future as we forcibly “share” our wealth with non-productive people.

The big ‘change’ he offers is equal opportunity to live in poverty.  His thoughts mirror those of the Russian Socialist movement, a form of left wing Hegelianism, championed by such men as Belinsky in the 1840s who claimed that “people are so stupid that they must be dragged to happiness by force”.  The nuttiness is that America is allowing Obama to drag us further along that path.

More Nutty News of The Day:  A mosque is going up in New York City at the site of Ground Zero where Muslims hijacked planes to crash into the World Trades Building and kill 3000 people. Yes, a mosque! Which will be 13 stories. According to One News Now, Edward “Ro” Sheffe, the chairman of the financial district committee for Community Board 1, said the 15 members passed a resolution of support for the project. What?  These brain-washed knuckleheads approved this?

Planned Parenthood invites supporters to Celebrate Mother’s Day Every Day by making more women childless!  Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards asks people to give a gift to Planned Parenthood in their mother’s honor. Yea…she asks people to celebrate motherhood by giving to a business that destroys it. This is sick!

The National Day of Prayer was attacked by the perennial litigator, Michael Newdow along with The Freedom From Religion Foundation trying to stop this tradition through the courts. Sure enough, U.S. District Judge Barbara B. Crabb ruled that the practice was unconstitutional and must be stopped. Yes, her name IS Crabb!

Muslims Dictate To Government;  The Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) publicly congratulated themselves recently for succeeding in pressuring the government…of The United States (!).. to dis-invite Franklin Graham who was to lead prayer at the Pentagon on The National Day of Prayer.  The Muslims said they were angered because Graham had called Islam an evil religion shortly after the brutal and cowardly 911 attacks. As Obama (we will not refer to him as president) refused to have the invitation re-instated, the Muslim bomb scare in Times Square took place.

So let’s get this straight: Muslims, who are our sworn enemies and who have openly said that they will destroy our country, are able to dictate religious policies to the Government of The United States and ordering that they cannot have a Christian leader leading a Christian prayer…in America!...while building a mosque at the site of Islamic Attacks ON US on 9-11.  Could anyone even imagine something similar being allowed during WW 2?

The nuttiest thing of all is that we are all sitting back doing nothing instead of demanding Obama’s immediate removal from office before he buries America altogether,while watching with a ‘tsk tsk’ attitude as Iran is completing an atomic bomb to destroy Israel and The United States. Our inaction is furthering our own destruction.. Shame on us!

To end on a better note, check out the latest video of the MVCC Newscast discussing the subjects, Eating for Beauty, Laughing to live longer, Sacrificing for Education and the Mohave Cross is Victorious: Here is the link:





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