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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Society • Harsh Response From Leftist on Obama Deception and….

The following email just came in regarding my Obama Deception story that was published on the Christian Coalition website:
Who is this “Rev” Austin
Submitted by MrPickles on May 12, 2010 - 9:06am.
Who is this “Rev” Austin Miles, anyway? HB 1388 was passed in January 2009, not last week. It was designed to help destitute refugees not Hamas. “Hundreds of Thousands”? How far would $20 M go to help “Hundreds of Thousands”? Time square bomber—WHAT? “Rev” Miles better get his facts straight. Or were his mistakes deliberate? Mr. Miles credibility goes down the tubes anyway after he makes a birther statement.
My response is below:

Rev. Austin Miles Response:  I am sorry,,,
May 12, 2010 - 1:21pm.

I am sorry to disappoint the reader who calls himself, MrPickles who lamely attempts to discredit my story regarding Obama’s latest push for Muslims that he headlined, “WHO is this ‘“Rev. Austin” (with quotation marks on Rev.).

To answer the question, I am a pastor and chaplain serving a church in Northern California as well as heading a chaplains ministry and being Dean of Students for the (accredited) Mountain View Christian Center School of Theology while teaching one of the courses. “This” ‘Rev.’ Austin is also a man who loves his country and is determined to see it return to it’s original intent as established by our Founding Fathers.

In his effort to discredit my report, MrPickles states that Bill, HB 1388 was passed in January of 2009. No it was not.  January 7, 2009 is when The One created, wrote out and signed that proposed bill to pitch to legislators. It was officially filed on February 4, 2009 (FR Doc E9-2488 Volume 74, Number 22.  DOCID:fr04fe09-106).

The public was kept in the dark that this was being plotted and implemented while Obama worked to get quiet support for that insanity from the lawmakers. There was not one media story about it. Obama made sure of that. Indeed, it is possible that the media did not even know what he was up to.

During that time he got the backing necessary and a week from last Monday, the passage of that outrageous bill was announced while cloaking it in deceptive words like, “this is important to the national interest to furnish assistance uner the act, related to humanitarian needs of Palestinian refuees.”

If this was such a humanitarian issue, why did Obama keep it so secret and not allow any feature stories on such a benevolent gesture?  However, on Monday a week ago, it was caught in the ticker tape scrolling at the bottom of the screen of CNN Cable Network News stating the bill had been passed.  And that was it.

I was also accused of not having any credibility because…. “he makes birther statements.” Really! Making a statement and asking a question is two different things.  When I was appointed to serve my church, the committee first had to be satisfied with my credentials and my life. Had I refused to provide any, they would have rightfully dropped me from consideration immediately. I would think that there would be even more scrutiny to a candidate for President of The United States.

MrPickles employs the usual methods of the socialistic left, using red herring, strawman arguments and ad hominem attacks to attempt to silence a discussion by confusing everyone.  And that is what this leftist intended to do but failed. The story stands. 




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