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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MilesTones • Blog time-Homosexuality, Race, Marijuana,

Blog Time Dotted Lines to discuss a rather strange email to regarding my article on that site about Prince Poppycock.. this one, I responded to…Ann Coutlter’s address to homosexual group… a statement about race and racism….and San Francisco…a city that plans to make it legal to smoke marijuana whenever and wherever you like, but don’t you dare talk on your cell phone while driving….fasten your seat belts.

On October 15th, 100,000 Muslims are scheduled to march on our Capitol, yes, Washington, D.C.,  for their tummrh prayer on Capitol Hill, which they intend to make an annual event..So what are spectators on the sidewalks expected to do?....remove their hats?, cheer?  or kow-tow with a big bow to them as demonstrated by the occupier of The Oval Office in front of Muslim leaders?  And Obama has trumpeted good news:  “The Resession Is over,” saith He, “in fact it ended last June.”  And he is right…dead on…totally correct. The recession IS over, having evolved into a DEpression. Yep, The One promised us all, that if he became president, there will be change.  He’s kept his promise… Australia has announced that the country is now hiring chaplains for the public schools all over the country.  Wonder if we could hire chaplains here for the White House….on second thought, instead of chaplains, perhaps we should bring in exorcists…...

Political scribe and pundit Ann Coulter was a keynote speaker at Homocon 2010, a Washington based group that dubs itself as “the only national organization of gay conservatives and their allies,”  as they hosted their first national gathering Saturday in Manhattan which included a guest appearance by Coulter, according to writer Chris Moody of The Daily Caller. This group, GOProud, felt it had scored a home run by havng a noted conservative speaker address them, which gives more ammunition to the press that ‘conservatives are beginning to welcome gays into the conservative movement.’  Coulter opened with a string of one-liners that brought gales of laughter.

However, “The Right Wing Judy Garland” as the group proclaimed her in their promotional material for the event, didn’t get exactly what they had hoped for.  While she ackowledged that gays could play an important role in the conservative movement, she was clear about her continued opposition to gay marriage. “I thought I’d try to talk you out of gay marriage,” she said. “I will warn you that I have never failed to talk gays out of gay marriage. At the crux of her argument, Coulter said that marriage was for procreation and insisted gays had no ground to base support for gay marriage on civil rights. “It’s not a civil right,” she snorted, “You’re not black.”

The story I did on Prince Poppycock received a hefty response Some of those emails are described in the story below.Then a classic response arrived at which was answered by me.  In this case you will see why:


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Rev.”? Austin Miles, You
Submitted by Deans337 on September 26, 2010 - 2:38pm.
“Rev.”? Austin Miles,
You hope that “kider-gentler” gay will emerge? I think you need to do a little more bible study.

(writer’s note-notice that he couldn’t spell ‘kinder”. He wrote it “kider.”)
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Rev. Austin Miles Writer
Submitted by Rev. Austin Miles on September 26, 2010 - 5:16pm.
Rev. Austin Miles

Writer Responds: This disrespectful comment shows the reader’s lack of manners which obviously he was not taught as he was growing up. Where does my story say that there is hopes that ‘a kinder gentler GAY will emerge?? This reader distorts what was written to accuse somebody which no doubt he has a habit of doing. It is obvious in my story that my hope was that a kinder gentler PERSON (Poppycock is that person) will emerge which would include learning to exhibit manners. This misguided reader, Deans337, would do well to complete his high school education—if indeed he ever went there, so he can at least learn how to read accurately.  A huge difference between the reader and this writer, is that he obviously simply HATES all gay people. This writer LOVES PEOPLE, including gays,  but does indeed despise the sin that is so destructive not only to the one bound to it, whose life will be cut short as it is for all homosexuals, but to his victims as well. As for the disrespectful way he addressed me with a question mark after my title, Reverend, and trying to pose a question as to whether or not I read the bible, I will just say, my ministry and educational credentials are all top level. And by the way, I have majored in phsychology and could, on the basis of this short retort, give a very revealing analysis of the makeup of this individual.

And in closing,  discussion of race comes up entirely too often these days. Next time you are faced with an application which has a place to state, “Race” simply write in ‘Human” race. Our church is multi-racial and we see no difference in anybody. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ and, we love each other and work together. How much better the world would be if we could get everybody out there in a setting like ours.




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