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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Religion • Rev. Miles Blasts Twisted Critic’s Email

In the story below titled, Blog Time, I refer to a critical email I received regarding a story I had published about Prince Poppycock. The mail poured in over that story, with some accusing me of being anti-gay while others accused me of being pro-gay. Sheesh!  No matter what you write these days, someone will fire a canon at you.  That particular email was strange and posted on I responded to that comment. Today, a second email arrived which was even more bizarre.  This final response to that critic was right to the point. Yes, I rightfully came down hard on him. You will see first the second email he sent and then, my response.

We begin with his current email that was posted on Christian Coalition:

Greetings Rev. Austin Miles,
Comment by Deans337: Hi Rev?,
What Bible have you

Hi Rev?,

What Bible have you read so extensively? Mine, KJV, says that homosexuality is an abomination. I am sure you are highly impressed with yourself, but at least I believe that the Bible, means exactly what it says!

Abomination! I know I’m not very smart, but I don’t think that means love, does it?

When a homosexual comes on my TV, I turn it on to something else. I would never give one a performance review on a Christian web site.

Jesus Christ is the only perfect man who has ever been born, and is probably the only man who does love every person on earth! I‘m pretty sure there are a few billion people out there you have never met? How can you honestly make a public declaration that you love them ,when you don’t even know them?

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Rev. Miles Responds to Twisted Critic’s Email


This is an example of the greatest sabotage and damage to Christianity possible. Spewing hatred in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and using the Bible as a Billy Club, this blatant misrepresentation of God and Jesus Christ is the devil’s favorite and most effective tool to destroy people’s souls. That tool? The pseudo crackpot “Christian.”  And it is an extremely weak and uneducated misfit that is of the most use to the enemy. Joseph Stalin called those who foolishly followed him and his Communist agenda, “Useful Idiots.” That is exactly how Satan looks at those like Deans337 who serve him instead of Jesus.

Deans337 whose incoherent emails show his pathological demand for attention has revealed himself to be an extremely ignorant and uneducated man who cannot read accurately and can’t even spell correctly. Notice in his first email he tried to quote my statement that hopefully a kinder, gentler Prince Poppycock will emerge. Deans337 quoted it as “a KIDER gentler Prince Poppycock…etc.  By his own admission he is not intelligent, and states in his missile, “I know I’m not very smart.”  At least he is truthful in that statement. I don’t have to explain his total distortion of what I wrote and what this purveyer of stupidity SAYS I wrote.  Readers can see my story for themselves and exactly what I wrote.  And this second email proves I was absolutely correct in my psychological analysis of his first very brief insulting note. It is all clear and confirmed by his latest ravings.

More people have turned away from God and rejected Christianity because of religious phonies like Deans337 than by any other means. It is precisely this kind of individual who made me believe that he or she was a Christian that caused me to burn out, and leave God and the church for several years.  I figured that if people like this were a result of God’s teachings, I wanted nothing to do with God.  I blamed God for the conduct of “His people,” which was in error since God has nothing to do with people like Deans337. When this character finds himself before the White Throne Judgment, God will say to him, “Depart from me ye worker of iniquity,  I never knew you.” 

The harm the Deans337 of this world cause to God is immeasurable. These inmates of a twisted mind actually stand between people and God. And THIS is unforgivable. When I finally returned to God and the church,  I vowed that never again would any man or woman, stand between me and God.  And I will not hesitate to come down hard on these counterfeit christians who cause chaos in people’s lives and misrepresent Christ to the world.  And for those who reject Jesus because of people like Deans337, the blood will be on THEIR hands.

As for the “gay” issue, no matter what we feel about that lifestyle, we still have an obligation to reflect God’s love wherever we are and whoever we are with. Do you think that any gay would want to talk to Deans337 about God, the Bible—or anything else after being subject to his judging hatred and condemnation? 

We need to understand that many many people are hurting and need a word of encouragement rather than condemnation. Years ago I checked into a hotel in Ft. Worth, Texas. The young desk clerk wanted to talk. Obviously there was something heavy on his mind. He then said, “You can tell can’t you?” “That you’re homosexual? Yes, I spotted that right away.” Then he told me a heartbreaking story of how he and a friend were so desperate to get out of that destructive lust and lifesyle that they planned to be treated by a psychiatrist. They both worked two extra jobs in order to save the money needed for therapy. They went to the psychiatrist who turned out to be gay himself and came on to them. They fled the office and the young man man behind the desk said he had been contemplating suicide. This is TRAGIC!  We Christians must walk uprightly and be sensitive to all people, the struggles most face, and be prepared to encourage that one to wholeness.

Remember too, that Christians are NOT to judge, be judgmental or condemning.  And I would remind Deans337 (his email address)  personally: Before you judge others, you had better first judge yourself. I can almost hear God saying, “You love them, and I’ll judge them.”






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