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Sunday, August 2, 2009

General • Obama’s Healthkill Plan Discussion Denied-Senator’s Office Sics Cops on Senior Citizens

Concerned about the coming mandatory socialist health plan that would deny senior citizens adequate health care, a group of retirees simply wanted to talk to Senator Dianne Feinstein. Feinstein’s Los Angeles office had another idea; Get these old people out of here!  Interesting. That is exactly what Obama intends to do. And he is going to force new taxes on everybody on everything to fund his unwanted plan. And that includes those seniors who have given so much and now stand to lose the most.

Obama’s mandated health plan would require everyone to be linked with his government plan only. All other plans would be illegal. Meaning that those who have a health plan (they are secure with) would be forced to give that up to come under the government’s umbrella that would give only limited health care to the elderly even to the point of withholding life saving procedures in order to “shave the federal budget,” as Obama clearly explained in a recent town hall meeting. (See that quote as reported by the L.A. Times in the story, ‘Get Rid of Old Folks’  Health Plan Deadly for Seniors, on this website.)

A group of retirees, who have worked and paid taxes all their lives, had an absolute right to talk to their senator, an elected official, about this bill that would cause them irreperable harm and even premature death, which is unmistakably Obama’s plan for senior citizens who are no longer useful to the party. 

Seven seniors had gathered in Feinstein’s conference room to speak to her. Instead of anyone greeting her constituents and listening to their concerns, Feinstein’s staff ran interference and called the police to get them out of there. The cops were there in record time. Fortunately, they did not use force on these people, including an 87 year old even though their intention was to take them into custody, according to statements made by Police Sergeant Rich Brumson.

No, the cops skillfully lured them outside. Seniors today are very trusting since they themselves are honest, having been brought up in an era where one’s word is his bond, a handshake a contract along with strong ethics. Because of their own standard of conduct they expect others to be trustworthy and honest as well. The cops took advantage of that . Once the retirees were lured outside, the doors were locked behind them. And that’s the message the Obama Adminstration has for America.

OBSERVATION: Senator Dianne Feinstein is one senior citizen who doesn’t have to worry about Obama’s Healthkill plan since all government officials are issued a full health plan with no restrictions of care or life saving procedures. Congress and the Senate comprise the one group whose private health insurance will not become illegal.





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