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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Society • Pelosi Keeps Power! Startling Radio Broadcast Breaks Story Media Tried To Hide!!

Nancy Pelosi was just voted in as the Demorcrat Minority House Leader by a 150-43 vote, which shows a majority of Dems voting FOR her to stay in power contrary to the previous Dem statements regurgitated onto the public in an attempt to make themselves appear more moderate BEFORE the November 2nd elections. That burning smell wafting by [is] the repetitive act of pants-on-fire emanating from the usual location…...hint….left of here.

Topping our list of Most Respected and Admired People is William J. Federer, a distinguished author and patriot whose works include the classic treatise on the founding of our country, “America’s God and Country Encyclopedia Of Quotations”  which highlights the noble heritage of the world’s greatest country,  as found in speeches, papers, debates and essays.

I have long had a copy in my personal library as well as giving gift copies to pastors. Mr. Federer also publishes an international daily newsletter, American Minute, which highlights the Christian history of each day. Subscribe to it at:

He also hosts the radio program, American Priorities which goes out over the Edgewater Broadcasting Network-Freedom Radio FM.. This writer was a guest on Monday, November 15th, discussing news that the media in America refuse to print, such as Obama attempting to persuade Ireland to submit their businesses to Sharia law, which of course would open the door to eventual total Sharia Law domination for that country. This is precisely why bloggers and internet newssites have weakened the so called Main Stream Media fiction writers..
Here is the link to that broadcast:

American Priorities has a huge listening audience. Within an hour after the broadcast, over one thousand new visitors viewed my website. During the evening, there were 300 additional new visitors.  An interview on October 14th where we discussed the late Peter Marshal who recently died as well as some personal revelations about this writer can be heard at the link below.

Visit the website: to check out ‘stations’ in your area-click dot left side of city..

Keep checking back for a SHOCKING story that will be posted containing information you have suspected but could not pin down, that is, UNTIL THIS IS POSTED. Then you will know for sure.




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