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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MilesTones • A Real TOUCHING Romance Story

Helen Trautman, CEO of Results Unlimited based in Pittsburgh, which handles celebrity speaking engagements and trade show promotions. is also in rehearsals for her one woman show, “Lydia”, known in Biblical times as ‘The Seller of Purple.’ She was also a friend of The Apostle Paul….Lydia, NOT Ms. Trautman!  Always creative and possessing a romantic heart, Ms. Trautman emailed this touching…..REALLY touching modern-day romance story that almost makes you feel that you were there:

“He grasped me firmly but gently just above my elbow and guided me into a room, his room. Then he quietly shut the door and we were alone. He approached me soundlessly, from behind, and spoke in a low, reassuring voice close to my ear. “Just relax.”
“Without warning, he reached down and I felt his strong, calloused hands start at my ankles, gently probing, and moving upward along my calves slowly but steadily. My breath caught in my throat. I knew I should be afraid, but somehow I didn’t care. His touch was so experienced, so sure.
“When his hands moved up onto my thighs, I gave a slight shudder, and partly closed my eyes. My pulse was pounding. I felt his knowing fingers caress my abdomen, my ribcage. And then, as he cupped my firm, full breasts in his hands, I inhaled sharply.

“Probing, searching, knowing what he wanted, he brought his hands to my shoulders, slid them down my tingling spine and into my panties. Although I knew nothing about this man, I felt oddly trusting and expectant. This is a man, I thought. A man used to taking charge. A man not used to taking `No’ for an answer.  A man who would tell me what he wanted. A man who would look into my soul and say… “Okay, ma’am, All done.” My eyes snapped open and he was standing in front of me, smiling, holding out my purse. “You can board your flight now.”  THAT’S a story with feeling!

Chicken Update: We have received thousands of inquiries—OK-OK maybe not THAT many.. regarding Henny and Penny, the famous Brentwood Chickens that were put on trial by the Brentwood City Council for illegally occupying living space in an exclusive neighborhood on a golf course, which is strange since goflers are known to willingly deal with ‘birdies.’  Despite heavy public support,  Henny and Penny lost the case and were evicted from their nest. The Gentle hens have since been living quietly at an undisclosed location under assumed names.

Mountain View Christian Center (MVCC) in Oakley, California is now on the fast track. It started today, along with churches around the world,  a 21 day fast along with prayer for America to restore the foundations of America as envisioned by the Founding Fathers and for revival to break out.  During the planning we received a mailer inviting us to another location for: “A weekend of fasting and prayer.” The flyer listed the hotel rates and then proclaimed that All Meals were Included.” How’s that again? Aren’t they all supposed to be praying and FASTING?  I’m going out for another walk. But first: To all of those taking part in the fast, please get a breath spray refreshener and use frequently so people will NOT KNOW that we are fasting.  The on-line newspaper of MVCC can be seen by clicking:

And In closing… show how bad things are out here on the Left Coast, a headline of a story this morning in The Contra Costa Times stated: “Man Shot During Stabbing!”  On second thought, I don’t think I will go out for that walk after all.




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