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Friday, August 7, 2009

General • Silence of The Lame—AARP

The powerful AARP purports to be an organization that assists senior citizens and represents their interests in Washington, D.C. when bills are proposed that affect them. However, this premise is built on sand shifting in the liberal tides.

In reality, the AARP is a front for the democrat/socialist agenda to undermine America. The millions of seniors who are members fund these plans with their dues money. A major part of that is the socialist health plan which would restrict medical treatment of seniors and withhold life saving procedures for those elders who are considered a drain on society and who are no longer useful to the Party.

Why has AARP failed to make a statement opposing this since they are presumed to protect seniors who will, with this plan, be harmed and face premature death?  Because the AARP BACKS this Marxist control ploy which links with the UN determination to reduce the earth’s population while at the same time saving money.

Much of the language Obama uses comes straight from The Communist Manifesto. Words like, “Redistribution of the wealth” and for citizens to spy on each other for the State. Earlier this week, Obama asked members of the public to report to them anyone who is “spreading dis-information’ about his Health Care Plan. That would mean anyone who opposes it. Objecting to this plan is not spreading dis-information.

But citizens will be required to report on other citizens. In Communist Russia spies were involuntarily recruited to gather information on those in their sphere of influence. An example was the Moscow Circus. Popov the famed clown was required to spy on all the performers and give information to the authorities, which made him unpopular with his fellow atists. If he refused he would be dealt with severely. This is what Obama is bringing to America.

And did anyone catch this recent statement? Taking a cue from Communist China, Obama said that he wants to restrict the number of children each couple has and will send social workers to homes to reinforce this new rule.

On August 4, 2009, The AARP held a meeting in Dallas, Texas to talk to seniors and retirees about the health plan. As the woman spokesperson extolled the virtures of it, a man said that he doesn’t agree with this restrictive mandatory plan. The AARP official curtly said, “You are not really running this meeting!”
Others began to speak up in protest and she told them to keep their comments to themselves.

The crowd loudly objected. The woman said, “I am tired of this meeting,” and walked off. As she was going out someone tried to say something to her and she said, “Quiet!”  Another official of AARP shushed the crowd like a kindergarten teacher with misbehaving children. What the seniors wanted to do was ask questions about the bill. They were denied that right.

The meeting continued as the senior citizens voiced their opinions. As one man came to the podium to tell of his objections to the plan, an official who had stayed behind to see what was being said, walked up to the podium while the man was speaking, reached over to the wall to unplug the microphone, then took it off the stand and walked out with it. This has all been captured on video tape that is now posted on U-Tube.

The man at the podium said that he was cancelling his AARP membership and advised the others to do the same. I cancelled mine shortly after joining it when it became obvious what that organization actually is. Why would seniors and retirees want to belong to an organization that wants to destroy them, plus giving them the money to do it?




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