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Saturday, July 2, 2011

MilesTones • MilesEye View of Saturday News July 2, 2011—Sex On The Brain

Male Testosterone Eruptions (MTE) has increased in rising intensity, erupting world wide without restraint in a runaway growing epidemic. No anti-eruption weapons are availiable in this cheat & tweet era of the secular world. The church, maybe. The world, no.

As if the natural drive isn’t powerful enough, a male enhancement product called, Viagra is flying off the shelves in order to increase the eager action associated with MTE.

While undergoing heart tests this week, your writer was instructed to not use Viagra for 72 hours before the procedure.(!)  They were told that the drug was not used at all since it was not needed.

Now hold on there….we can see the wheels turning in the minds of all the wits out there…now stop it!! 

Sex is on the brain…and everywhere else, according to this morning’s news reports.  Former governor of the State of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, attempting to become the next Father of Our Country, is being divorced by his wife, Maria Shriver, for overdoing his expertise in foreign relations. She filed the divorce papers yesterday.

Yep, the Terminator is being terminated without being able to say, “I’ll be back!” or even, “Hasta La Vista Baby!”  Prideful of his physique and muscle power, he didn’t have the strength to keep his belt buckled.***

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former IMF leader and leading contender to become the next president of France is seeing his own sex case accusations not only fall apart, but the case itself may be thrown out.

Apparently there was no rape or attempted rape of that housekeeper. He proclaimed that a consensual Clintonesque pathology was excercised that is really NOT sex, citing a case that brouight international attention to the debate about what “is” is. So Strauss-Kahn has been un-restrained.  Men, arise! ***

It’s not just the men sharing a romp in the hay with those outside their marriage. Florence Henderson, the wholesome apple-pie mid-western mother figure who starred on Brady Bunch has revealed that she also experienced an out-of-marriage exploratory adventure and got crabs from former Mayor of New York, John Lindsay. Enough already! It’s time to scratch this subject.

Chris Hansen, host of NBCs “To Catch a Predator’ where he sets up men with underage girls, at least that is what they think is happening, and are captured by the cameras and cops when they show up for the ‘date.’

The biggest catch of the day was Hansen cheating on his wife with a young chicadee 20 years younger than he.  We wonder if he found himself sitting at that kitchen table when he came in? ***

World War II veteran and French Legion of Honor Medal recipient, Gerald Stewart, who died at the age of 95, lived in our area of Northern California. He joined the growing number of The Greatest Generation who are passing away daily. His Memorial Service was yesterday.***

Cathy Tabbi, a writer specializing in the environment and wild life, expressed her concern this morning about the polution of our environment that is affecting the health of everyone.  She said, “You cannot pull one thread out of God’s tapestry without unraveling the whole thing.” Words of wisdom that we should all heed. I might use that in Sunday’s service.

And that is the MilesEye View of The News for this day, Saturday, July 2, 2011.

Have a good and productive day…and…keep the faith.







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