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Friday, July 15, 2011

Society • Army Cadet Program Launches Tomorrow in Pittsburg, California

The Army Cadets of California officially launches in The East Bay tomorrow (7/16) at 9 AM in the National Guard Armory in Pittsburg with a ‘boot campout’ lasting unlil July 30th. The public is invited to attend, observe and obtain information.

The highly successful program, geared for boys and girls,13 to 19, started in Indio, California, quickly spread across the state and is now in East County in Northern California. The goal of the Army Cadets is to instill the values of loyalty, duty, respect, honor, responsibility and integrity in each Cadet. The objective is to provide training that breaks the cycle of generational failure.

While the program is military style it is not a recruiting program. There is no military commitment involved for any participant.

This program has seen unproductive loose-ends young people turn into solid citizens with both professional and personal success.

The Cadet program not only influences and benefits the Cadets and their families. It also has a positive impact in their school, churches and community. Cadets are instilled with a positive mental attitude that improves their self esteem, while confidence builds along with a sense of responsibility as they become prominent young adults with a clear vision of their career path, whether in the military or private sector.

Many skills are taught along with learning to identify and assess needs of any situation, and to be able to plan and implement a course of action that will produce positive results. Grants will be available.

Information about the program can be obtained at the National Guard Armory in Pittsburg tomorrow monring, Saturday, July 16th beginning at 9 AM.

Information can also be obatined by calling Major Carleton C. Booker, Operation Officer, at: 925.752,1973 as well as Lt. Colonel Timothy Vaughn, Executive Officer,  at 925.642.3108.

Sign-ups are now taking place for the next camp in August. Further info can be found at:




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