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Thursday, August 13, 2009

MilesTones • Cute Christian School Grad is Both The Beauty And The Beast—Updated

The pretty 27 year old raven-haired girl-next-door type, with the pearly white teeth was raised in a small strict Christian school in Las Vegas. Along with her good looks, she also has martial arts skills and powerful fists with her eye on the prize…an MMA Championship. She’s tough and has become both the beauty and the beast.

Gina Carano has become the son her father, Glenn, a former Dallas Cowboys Backup quarterback (now a casino marketing director), never had. She excelled in high school athletics and accoridng to Mark Emmons of the San Jose Mercury News, helped push her basketball team to a Nevada state title.

While a student at the University of Las Vegas, she went with her then boyfriend to a martial arts studio to watch him train. She caught the eye of a fightmaster and she began training with him. She dropped out of the universtity to train for kick boxing.

She joined Scott Coker’s “Strikeforce” and has a headline-event match coming up Saturday August 15th at the HP Pavillion in San Jose. Her opponent will be Cris “Cyborg” Santos from Brazil.  Journalist Emmons reports that this will mark the first time women have been the main draw for a fight The fighters will split a purse of $200,000.

Carano gets a lot of attention but she would like to only be known as a “serious fighter”. Remember, she went to a strict Christian school.  MilesTones finds consulation in the fact that when the girl terminator beats and kicks the stuffings out of you, she no doubt will pray for your healing.
UPDATE: Gina lost the MMA fight in San Jose last night. Her opponent, Cris Cyborg Santos took her out by TKO in the first round at 4:59..The referee did not permit the match to go on. .There has not been a decision regarding a rematch.




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