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Friday, August 14, 2009

General • AARP Denies Endorsement of Obama’s Healthkill Bill

Because they have millions of members, the AARP is a major source of funding for the liberal agenda to restructure America into a socialist Marxist country. That funding comes through the membership dues and products purchased by misled senior citizens. A great portion of those funds are being used to push through Obama’s** Healthkill Bill that would not only be disastrous to seniors, but also result in their premature deaths. Now AARP DENIES that they back (or ever backed) the socialized medicine bill. Lots of pants on fire at AARP Corporate Offices.

The very action and words of that leftist political machine prove beyond question that they did (and DO) back Obama’s** health scare plan. At a town hall meeting, officials of AARP addressed an auditorium filled with seniors, retirees and the elderly to extol Obama’s** healthcare system which would limit treatment and even life saving procedures for those too old to really benefit from them. That part is buried in the cumbersome 1000 plus pages that discourages lawmakers from reading it. (See those parts of the bill spotlighted in the story, “Get Rid of Old People Healthkill Plan Deadly for Seniors,” on this website.)

At a recent Town Hall Meeting, Obama** stated to an applauding audience that AARP supports his plan. Indeed, the hand-picked audience applauded everything The One proclaimed.  The most memorable moment of that televised meeting was when the little 11 year old girl that was “picked at random” asked ‘why those on ‘the other side’ of his health plan were so mean’, which elicited cheers from the audience…the greatest audience that money could buy.

AARP cannot now contradict their endorsement of the plan, even though they are now trying to deny it. That meeting, where AARP officials were incredibly rude to those seniors who tried to question and oppose the plan, was videotaped and can be seen on YouTube and all over the internet. That AARP is behind the bill cannot be denied. It is seen clearly on those videotapes.The AARP lied to the people whose money is used to push the agenda of the democrats, of which this bill is a part.

A spokeman for the Democratic Party said, “If we lose the seniors, we lose everything.” How right he is. A cascade of seniors are now cancelling their memberships in AARP and now questioning their affiliation and support of of the Democratic Party itself…and rightfully so.

Seniors now realize that it is their money and support that is allowing the distruction of America. Most democrats do not realize that they too will suffer once the total takeover is accomplished.

**This senior will refer to Obama as “President” Obama once the eligibility question is resolved.




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