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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Society • “Mouse” Traps Readers Into Lively Romp With a Rodent

It is rare for an eBook to be reviewed, but this compelling Barnes and Noble offering is such a treat for the mind and eyes that it would be a disservice not to alert readers to such a magnificent little work that is such a joy to read. Cathy Taibbi knows how to tell a good story. She is a born novelist.

This true story, as related through the eyes of a fifth grade child, possesses a charming simplicity of things important to a child, like the anticipation of the first snowflakes to fall and the comforting warmth of a woodstove fire.  All these descriptions, so beautifully given,  will pleasantly rekindle the child inside every adult, as happy memories of the excitement and innocence of youth are recalled. Views of the snow covered grounds from her bedroom window are shown as they were taken at that time of the story.

The eye-catching headshot of the cross-eyed mouse on the cover immediately gives a hint of the delightful story inside that awaits the reader. And what a story it is! Anyone who has experienced a house-mouse suddenly claiming resident rights in the kitchen can identify with the havoc that can be caused by such a perky visitor.
“Mouse,” the star of the story manages to stir up a household over the Christmas Holidays. This personable little creature WAS stirring on The Night Before Christmas, yes, EVEN this mouse, when everything else was quiet.

For a moment one can escape the chaos of a corrupt and unpredictable world with this story of a little girl who picks up what she thinks is a furry toy mouse left behind by a cat, and puts it in her pocket on the way to school. Things go well until the ‘toy’ mouse gets restless in that pocket and starts to move. Life would never be the same for Cathy and everyone who became a part of this adventure. That quiet New Jersey house her family lived in would be upended, as well as her school and neighborhood.

Even before one gets to the first page, just seeing Mouse’s photo on the cover sweeps the reader into a mouse tail…, on second thought, TRUE story that will remain a beautiful memory that one will never forget.  It is a slim little volume, about a hundred pages, that can be read straight through while riding the train or waiting in line at DMV. It will be the best waiting time or commute one could ever experience. Each chapter begins with an actual photo of the scenes described.

This is the author’s own story. Cathy Taibbi was born with a deep love for all animals and critters that has become legendary.  For 8 years she was a zookeeper and published many professional zoological trade stories. Today she is considered the foremost writer about wildlife and the environment, with articles that appear on, and which are published throughout the world.

This eBook is for kids of all ages. Readers will have a field day with this little house mouse and will read it over and over. This reviewer has done just that. What a refreshing story about the bonding of a little mouse without a name but known simply as, Mouse, and a little girl. You will fall in love with both of them.

Cathy Taibbi exhibits a writing style that is easy to read and quickly pulls the reader into the romp with the rodent before realizing it. There are many photos generously sprinkled throughout the work and especially in the Epilogue.

One needs the quiet happy moments to clear the mind from time to time. “Mouse” and Ms. Taibbi provide just that.

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