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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Society • Exclusive for Northern California Readers-Picnic to Aid Grieving Mothers

The most painful tragedy of life is to lose a child. It is bad enough when the child dies by an illness or accident. But it is even more heart wrenching when your child is murdered in a hate filled act by someone who kills simply for the sake of killing.

It is these parents that Stephanie Guillory is reaching out to in order to bring hope and comfort. She knows what it is to have a child murdered as her own son Lawrence Jahon was shot down on the streets of Richmond, California last year. In his case, he simply went out of his house to the driveway to work on his car and the killers were waiting and ready. No real rhyme or reason. Senseless!. 

For those readers in Northern California, specifically the East Bay encompassing the towns of Antioch, Pittsburg, Oakley, Knightson, Byron and Brentwood, anyone in that area or resonably close to it, please take notice of this announcement and take part in this event. The park is off Empire in Oakley, across the street from a church with a big cross in front.

For you esteemed readers around the world who may know someone in this area, please contact them and alert them to this announcement.

This chaplain-writer will take part in the event, the military portion regarding the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of 9-11. Please say hello when you come.

Below is the invitation in Stepanie’s own words


On May 13th 2010 my middle son, Lawrence Jahon Gadlin Senior was tragically murdered in the streets of Richmond, California. Through his death a passion for hurting people and Wailing Mothers was birthed, I am the torch, so let this light from his transformation bring freedom to those trapped in darkness. I invite you to be the light with me for our communities.

We are asking for those who have a burden for our children being murdered out there on the Streets, and the families that are being devastated by these horrible crimes GG’s Lifestyle need your help & support! We need sponsors for our 1st Annual Charitable Picnic Fundraiser as we prepare to do a march on the State Capital in Sacramento CA 2013. Wailing Mothers “We are the Voices of our Nations Children” & we will be the voices for those who have been silenced.

On September 11th, you can enjoy a delicious meal catered by Simply Sensational Catering while, assisting GG’s Lifestyle in reaching out to hurting mothers who lost a child to violent crime and whose lives now are in ruin.

Oakley Mayor Jim Frazier will attend and the Army Cadets will recognize the families of 9-11. The event will be in Oakley at Crockett Park on Richard way at 12 Noon. The lunch tickets start at $12.50, you can purchase them at or call 925.289.4676. You can also purchase them at the site on day of event.

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Watch for Stephanie’s book of her incredible story later this year which will be announced on this website as well as world wide.




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