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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Society • Is Wall Street “Occupation” A Communist Rally?

A sit-in called, “Occupy Wall Street,” that purportedly is calling attention to corporate greed, excessive government spending and selfishness, is demanding a change in the way the U.S. is doing things and how the resulting poverty must be eliminated. It is an effort to essentially stir things up and even things out. The protest, that is in its second week, seems to have taken a cue from Greece and, yes, Egypt.

While a good majority of Americans might agree that changes need to be made, the public seems to have missed a basic point of this ‘occupation’ that the media managed to yank out of view and conceal once a glimpse of it was observed.

Amongst the picket signs were seen, “Capitalism Must End,” ‘Abolish Capitalism.” and others regarding the economy. Those picket signs suddenly vanished.

Going back in history, one man in particular despised capitalism, Karl Marx, who was determined to nullify this monetary system, which he detailed in his books, Das Capital, and The Communist Manifesto.

Marx’s ideology could be persuasive to hearers but has proved to be totally unworkable in real life. It looked good on paper and in compelling theory, but impractical in reality.

At least two of the Wall Street demonstrators were seen carrying red flags, the Communist color, but those scenes were quickly scrubbed as well. Buzz words of the Communist Party such as, ‘Social Justice,” and “Equality” were heard.

The Communist connection was hammered home by the show-of-support appearance of Michael Moore, who gushed over the Socialist Health Care offered in Communist Cuba in one of his anti-American films, and actress Susan Sarandon who is left of liberals.

Ironically, outrage filled the airwaves and leftist media when New York cops pepper-sprayed some of the more aggressive demonstrators and gave others a push with their night sticks. “Police Brutality” was shouted.

If they think they were mistreated by police officers here while they were causing a distrubance, wait until their ideology takes hold and Communism becomes the rule in America. Then they will see what police brutality REALLY is.

While there are some drastic changes needed in America, one must be cautious. Throughout history, revolutions, resulting in new governments, have too often plunged citizens into a worse state than before the uprising.

While I was behind the Iron Curtain, a man was yanked up and arrested by the police for something that could not even be classified as an infraction, taken to the prison, beaten, tortured to death, then his body tossed in the back of a pickup truck, taken to the man’s home, lifted out of the truck by two policemen who, with a heave ho, tossed the body on the front porch where it landed with a sickening thud.

They then banged on the door and abruptly left as the family opened the door and saw the horrible mangled bloody corpse of their loved one sprawled on the porch for them to deal with.

So the young misguided Communist sympathizers trying to cause havoc on Wall Street had better think twice before continuing to further this cause. They have stated that they intend to stay with their ‘Wall Street Occupation” indefinitely until change comes.

And this question arises: If the Communist ideology is so workable and so good for the people, why lie about the intentions of these demonstrations and disguise the real purpose by keeping hidden the red flags carried, the anti capitalism signs carried and the Marxist phrases squelched?

For one reason only. Communism is a dreadful system which only benefits the leaders.

That the system itself is flawed was proven in the Greek riots. The entitlement government, that the people allowed to come in, failed to meet expectations and promises that the people would be furnished everything they needed. The Socialist system has never been successful.

I hope the Wall Street protesters will also think about the three Berkeley hikers who were falsely accused of entering Iran illegally, charged as spies and imprsioned, two of the hikers for two years.

These same Berkeley students had been active in protests against America for our policies against Iran. We wonder if they will take part in the next anti-American, pro-Iran demonstration?




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