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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Religion • Erasing All Traces of Christianity-BC & AD Now BCE & CE !

It is deliberate, well planned and determined. The Marxists’ plan [to] have all references and traces of Christianity in our history scrubbed from records and school books, especially high school and college texts. And they have manged to quietly slip in a major alteration of history, without notice or fanfare, in their desperate effort to write Christ out of human history.

For centuries, the history of the world has been divided into two parts;  the years, BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini-Latin for In The Year of Our Lord) after Christ was born on earth. These references have been used in all documents, including legal documents, for over 1500 years.

However, out of the blue, those reference points became, BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) in books, reports and news articles.

This writer first discovered the change in textbooks at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg,California in the year 2000. A professor who used this change in his course was questioned, danced around the issue simply saying this had been updated and now the accepted reference.

The switch came with no warning or notice that such a thing was even being considered in academic circles. The Marxists didn’t want anybody to know about it until it was suddenly in place.

And the classic rationale? They did not want to offend non-Christians. But they think nothing of offending the vast majority. In any case, this is considered one of Communsm’s greatest victories to date.

It was impossible to get anything published in the American press about the drastic alteration of the division of dates in World History that recognized God.

The American liberal media shushed it.

Ironically, 11 years later, a former Christian country, now socialist with heavy Muslim influence DID make this public with a story on both BBC, The London Daily Mail, The London Evening Standard, and The EU Times.

In the meantime, America, becoming Socialist but still maintaining some of its Christian roots, silenced the godless manipulaton of our history to exclude references to Christ.

Incredibly, this has become normal. To see what is REALLY happening in America one must go to the overseas news agencies.

This switch from BC-AD to BCE and CE, was introduced by Jewish academics in the mid 19th century. The founder of Communism, Karl Marx was Jewish as are an inpressive number who follow Marx’s teachings and belong to atheist organizations.

Karl Marx stated that religion “is the opiate of the people.” I think what he meant by that was that religion was a ‘stimulant’ of the people, meaning that a Christian can NOT be enslaved. That is why America is such a problem for the Communists and the One World takeover. Where there is an active, visible church, Communism cannot succeed.

Currently, there are two countries standing in the way of a One World Order. America and….yes…Israel with their many Jews who honor God.
(Rev. Austin Miles, is a working first-responder chaplain in Northern California who loves God, country, kids and animals.)






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