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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Society • Released Berkeley Hikers Join “Occupiers”

Berkeley, Caifornia (10/18/11)  In the story, “Is Wall Street Occupation A Communist Rally?” which can be seen on this website, the anti-America protesters were urged to think about what it is they are supporting, which is a totalitarian Socialist system which would make prisoners of us all.  Spotlighted in that story were three U.C.Berkeley students who had been arrested while hiking near the border of Iran and held in prison, accused of unlawfully entering that country.

Charged as spies,they were put in prison. One, Sarah Shourd, 33, was released after several months on “compassionate cause,” due to an illness, even though it cost a half million dollars for that “compassion.”

Her two compaions, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal remained in prison for two more years and finally released for another half million dollars, called ‘bail’ but actually a ransom demand given to Iran.

It was harsh in that prison. Ironically, that trio had taken part in anti-America protests based on a pro-Iranian cause. So the anti-American country they supported slapped them into prison on what might be trumped up charges.

Several very prominent Americans jumped in to try to use their influence to secure their release. And over a million dollars was raised to ‘bail them out.’ Where did that money come from?

In the aforementioned story, the question was asked if they would be that quick to join anti-American protests when they got back home? The answer to that, which came quickly, was startling to say the least.

Unbelievably, yesterday, as soon as they got back (thanks to help from America), they immediately joined the “Occupiers” in Oakland to again protest against America.

This Wall Street Occupation anti-America rant, sponsored by Communist Party U.S.A. (CPUSA) and Communist members of Congress and the Senate along with the unions and Hollywood stars, is part of the effort to turn America into a Marxist country, with Islam as the One World Religion which will keep people insecure and easier to control.

THIS IS INSANE and proves that even with a university education one can still be downright stupid. It is stupid to declare war on your own country, to go hiking in a country engaged in an active war, and then, after being imprisoned by the very country they were supporting, to come back to America and immediately engage in the same kind of anti-American activity boosting those systems that would destory the American way of life.

And this band of misfits in the Wall Street Occupation look past the fact that if they succeed, they themselves will come under an iron fist of brutality, slavery, and poverty, while the ‘gays’ will be executed publicly by Sharia Law.

As The Pennsylvania Dutch Saying goes, “Too soon oldt…und too late schmardt.”





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