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Monday, October 24, 2011

Society • John McCain Wants To Do What??

While congress, and senators vote themselves pay raises that in themselves represents more money than most Americans earn in a year, and can retire after only one term in congress with pensions of over a million dollars, the Obama Administration is working to implement a CUT in benefits for veterans. How’s that again?

Two leaders of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Carl Levin, D-Mich, and John McCain, R-Ariz.are leading the charge against our veterans. Sen. John McCain???

In order to save money (to secure politician pensions) they intend to cut health care benefits from our service men and women, many whose lives have been permanently altered due to their service to America.

As if that isn’t enough, according to Associated Press, McCain and Levin also favored creating a commission to look at military retirement benefits and make recommendations to change. No changes were proposed for hefty raises and pensions for life enjoyed by congressmen and senators.

Over a trillion dollars has been spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—civil wars between tribes we should never have been in. To hit a country involved in attacking America, yes. But engaging in their civil wars, NO.

A word to The Obama Administration who send out young people to get shot up on the battlefields and then want to throw them under the bus by cutting out their EARNED benefits, DON’T EVEN THINK IT!

In the midst of this outrageous injustice [is] a non-government-sponsored outreach to veterans held throughout America, called, StandDowns, where homeless vets are bussed in to area fairgrounds where an army camp is set up with tents, cots with sleeping bags on top which the vets can take with them when the StandDown ends, a mess hall, medical and dental unit, even a legal tent with actual lawyers and judges to settle any legal disputes along with new clothes, showers and haircuts. The stand downs last up to four days with everything provided.

General Dan Helix is an officer of these events.

This minister trains chaplains, a rigorous training program where candidates learn to handle every emergency situation and upon successful completion are certified. Several of our chaplains take part in these stand downs. One of them, Tim Vaughn, sent this email following an event earllier this month in Dixon, Califonria:

Rev. Miles,

The Stand Down Ended today in Dixon. Over 350 homeless Veterans and 700 Volunteers attended.

For 3 days, the veterans were treated with respect, feed 3 meals a day, and for the most part, left with a greatful heart.

The Chaplains made a tremendous impact on the Veterans.

I personally ministered to dozens of vets, prayed with them, and consouled many.

One guy came up to me with his wife……his wife Hugged me and would not let go…..she kept thanking me for changing her and her husband’s life forever. She said she will …for the rest of her life….. always remember what I did for her husband at last years’ Stand Down in Dixon.

I told her…always remember that it was God…..not me.

She mentioned that I and another Chaplain prayed for her husbands feet…( he was in pain for over 10 yrs. ..24 hrs a day )

Her husband said it was on Wednesday at 11am last year that we put our hands on his feet and prayed for God to take away the pain.

He said that he is STILL pain free to this day !

The couple are now attending a local Baptist Church in Fairfield.

This is what Chaplains do !

This Stand Down really blessed me.

I also got another Award from Major General Dan Helix. I now have 13 Different Awards…two years ago I had 5.

I truly believe…. that the Awards by themselves…. are a conformation…. that I am doing what God has called me to do.

Tim Vaughn, Chaplain



For readers around the world, if you know somebody in Northern California, especially in East County of The Bay Area, please nofify them.

To herald the opening of the new California Christian Academy, there will be a Family Fall Festival on Saturday, October 29th from 11 until 4 PM in Antioch, California.

There will be Bounce houses, Petting Zoo/Pony Rides, Game Booths for all ages, Informational Booths, Face Painting, Live Music, Raffles, Food and Much More. Best of all, it is FREE.

Linda Miller, the Principal of the school who has impressive credentials will be on hand to greet you. The Festival will be held at Family Church at: 55 E. 18th Street in Antioch, CA. Phone: 925.529.1350 Y’all come!






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