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Friday, October 28, 2011

Society • Does Jesus Condone Hunting and Killling Wolves? Part 3

This was extremely difficult to write, and will be more difficult to read and watch. What follows is horrible!  No warnings are attached.  I WANT everybody to read and see this and hopefully be shocked enough to do something to stop this inhumane conduct of savages….yes, SAVAGES mistreating God’s creatures, taking a sadistic (satanic would be a better word) pleasure in cruelty to these helpless creatures, quite probably to increase their own self-esteem as a tough person with power over all others. Psychology 101.

The misappropriation of one word in Genesis (as detailed in Part 1) has propelled misfits and cowards to unleash their frustrations and anger against creatures that cannot defend themselves which makes it safe for them to satisfy their perverted urge to cause suffering.

A few years ago, a friend took me to lunch at what he called, “a unique place” near Rio Vista, California.** When we arrived and opened the door, what was revealed shocked me to the extent of nauseousness.

Throughout that roadside restaurant were the mounted heads of every kind of animal, small and large. The owner of that restaurant, we were told, had shot and killed every species of animal that existed.

The statement was made with a sense of pride. The animals were killed for the sake of killing with each becoming a trophy for the owner’s twisted mental disorder that somehow made him feel more like a man.

“Get me out of here!” I shouted while making my way to the door.

Cruelty at the hands of man to satisfy psychopathic pride of manhood, or for the sake of money that can be had for the aberrant deed, unleashes all the madness that can inhabit the human race.

The photo of an adorable baby seal posted on some of the sites with this story, is about to have his little head smashed in, for the fur, which will bring the murderer some cash.

In Canada where this is prevalent, you will hear people say happily, “We are going out sealing.”  It’s like a party, a social event. These little seals, who are friendly and will come right up to people, have no idea they will be brutally killed. This is the ultmate betrayal.

In Asia, where there is no regard for animals, this writer saw footage of Chinese fishermen catching sharks, hauling them on board, then roughly cutting off the fins of the live shark, which is squirming in agony which can be seen reflected in the shark’s face.

Then these hard-hearted inhumane creatures toss what is left of the shark overboard. The sharks drown.

This writer is not a shark fan (with the exception of those in San Jose), but to see this kind of suffering at the hands of man sickened me.

The fisherman don’t care. They are paid $600. a pound for shark fins which are used for soup, considered a delicacy, which costs $100. a bowl.

You can say what you want about California, but this state is one of the best when it comes to animals. When someone mistreats an animal here, the book is thrown at the offender.

And California recently passed legislation in Sacramento to ban the sale of shark fin soup, which prompted this telling response from Pius Lee, who is chairman of the San Francisco Chinatown Neighborhood Association: “I think it’s a case of discrimination against Chinese because it’s only Chinese who eat fin soup. I’m very disappointed that the governor did not investigate the whole set of facts.”

Too bad, Mr. Lee. Culture or not, cruelty like that by your fishermen cannot and will not be tolerated any longer. The facts WERE investigated Sir. Other states are about to follow suit. Several countries have already joined and rightfully put bans in place.

The most horrible of all, is the fur trade where dogs and other fur bearing creatures are skinned alive for the fur which will bring in a good price for coats and even for UGG Shoes. What you are about to see will give you nightmares. It is happening everyday. The first one shows a beautiful police dog wagging its tale expecting the best, being yanked up and a surgical knive brutally slicing fur and the skin it is attached to from its stomach and the rest of his body while he screams in agony.

This too is carried out by the Chinese who don’t even have the decency to quickly kill the animal first or even after it is left without its fur and skin, shaking and shivering in pain as it dies.

And it is to be noted that in China, they also serve dog meat in restaurants. Indeed, one can pick out the dog they want to eat. The dog is taken out of the cage, plopped on a cook’s table and hacked to death, then divided for the meat that will be cooked and eaten by contented diners.

Here are the links to the most horrifying videos you could ever see of animals being skinned alive so that the perpetrators of the cruelty, who don’t care about the suffering, can make big bucks from clothing manufacurers including UGG Shoes. If this doesn’t propel you to take a stand, nothing will. If you don’t have a dog, visit a friend with a dog to get acquainted with, or go to a shelter, hold the dog and look into its eyes and then imagine it being subjected to such horror. Brace yourself for the videos:

**The name of the roadside restaurant in Rio Vista that proudly displays the mounted heads of animals killed soley as trophies, was deliberatley not given so as not to plug that aberrant place in any way.

See Part 4 of Does Jesus Condone Hunting and Wolf Killing? which is about, wolves.




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