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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Society • Does Jesus Condone Hunting and Killing Wolves? Plus Hate Letter—Part 4

This series has prompted many responses, all positive, except for one hate letter which is included below. First of all, hunting for food is understandable. But hunting for the sake of killing and mounting the heads of the animal on a wall like the restaurant in Rio Vista as detailed in part 1, is totally wrong. It is understandable how people who live on farms grow food in the field and slaughter animals for food. However, any time an animal is put down for any reason, it should be quick and humane. NEVER should suffering be caused to any creature for any reason.

My outrage is over the use of CRUELTY, like the Asians who skin animals alive for their fur as shown in Part 3.

There was the film clip on TV showing a Rhino that had just had his nose horn brutally sawed off by poachers for the money to be received by it, while the poor Rhino is lying on the ground with gasping groans because of this unthinkable cruelty to him by humans.

Then there is the clip of rabbits being taken from their cages, clubbed in the head, then jammed onto meat hooks. Many of the rabbits were not rendered unconsicous by the blow to the head and while still alive are jammed on the meat hooks, the hook tearing into their backs to keep them in place.


A Younger Rev. Austin Miles Reads Scriptures to an Interested Friend.

This was the first time this writer ever heard a rabbit make a sound, but those tortured rabbits were screaming in agony, which did not affect the workers in any way. The only thing of concern to them and the men who hire them, is the profit generated by their actions.

The meat of those rabbits would be shipped to chain grocery stores. Before even thinking of buying rabbit meat at your favorite grocery outlet, consider the horrible cruelty to those little animals resulting in the meat you purchase to enjoy at your dinner table.

Cows, by law,  must be able to stand on their feet before being slaughtered by the packing houses. Another film clip showed Mexican farm hands trying to get a sick cow to its feet. They then drove a fork lift over, pushed the steel prongs at the front into the side of the sick cow, causing her to moo loudly in pain. They lowered the prongs to get them under her, then tried to push her upright as she groaned. And this was a cow that would become the beef served at your dinner table.

Then of course there are the laboratory animals used in medical experiments, and animals used as target practice so field doctors can practice their surgical skills removing the bullets.

This series so far has pulled responses from all over the world. All have been positive and in agreement that animal suffering and cruelty must be stopped. That is except one email received this morning:

October 28, 2011
7:21 A.M.

Chaplain Miles,

With all the filthy homosexual activity going or rampant in America, with abortions increasing daily, with this country being ruled and run by those that deny Jesus Christ as the Son of God, with our national debt increasing beyond belief and our children being stolen and killed daily, THIS is what you take time to write about?

Get away from your ‘feelings’, man. Tell the people about their sin, and what the wages of sin is. Tell the filthy queers in San Francisco that the wages of sin is death, and homosexuality is a as big a sin as it gets!  This world has gone to Babylon, and is being prepared to be destroyed, along with the sinners and those that practice lawlessness!!!

Remember that from the Bible? from the words of Jesus!!!!  Remember Him?

In HIS Service,
Richard at Scriptures for America Ministry.
Rev. Miles Responds: A judgmental, insulting “Christian” like ‘Richard’ does more damage to the cause of Christ than thousands of the most skilled atheists and humanists on earth. The responder is with Scriptures for America, a ministry in Colorado and Wyoming founded and headed by the late controversial Pastor Pete Peters.

See Part 5 covering Sarah Palin, and wolves.




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