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Sunday, October 30, 2011

General • Does Jesus Condone Hunting and Killing Wolves? Part 5

If the Native Americans had remained in control of America there would be no ecological problems. They had high regard for nature and lived by the rule that when you cut down a tree, you plant a seed.

The Indians were hunters who had great respect for the animals they killed for food, dispatching them as quickly as possible and they even said a prayer for the animal’s spirit.

European Americans who conquered this ‘new land’ had a different set of ecological standards. They believed that everything on this earth, every resource, should be used fully and even excessively whenever wanted, with no thought to the future of the planet and with no regard to the creatures that inhabit it, including other humans.

In South America I saw a manual for young soldiers who were taught that to torture prisoners was to affirm manhood.


After the fall of Adam and Eve, man decided to play God. Instead of ‘tending’ the garden (the planet), or caring for it and helping sustain it, as God instructed and intended, they determined to take and use what they wanted with no thought of replenishing any part of it, while interferring in the ecological order of life itself, while throwing off course the balance of nature established by God.

Now war has been declared against wolves who play an important role in that balance of nature. The ranch lobby has used as it’s brief that the presence of wolves pose a danger to their livestock and to their personal safety as well.

Legislation was pushed through to allow open season on all wolves, to eradicate them from the earth.

Permits to kill them are granted for a fee. In Montana and Idaho, 37,000 wolf hunting licenses were sold to kill 1000 wolves.(!) The hunting fee is $19.00 for residents and $350.00 for non-residents (out-of-towners). It was said in one piece how this brought in needed revenue for the states. Money is the root cause of the killing, not danger.

This writer will never forget the film of Sarah Palin, a woman who, by her own admission, LOVES to hunt, in a small airplane with the side door removed, flying over wolves in the Alaskan wild, with a smile on her face, aiming her rifle and shooting as many as she could.

As the plane flew low over the pack, the wolves looked up at her in wonder, she pulled the trigger and they fell on their sides and backs, kicking their legs in the air and yelping in agony from the bullet that punctured their bodies and tore through sensitive vital organs engineering their gruesome deaths.

And Ms. Palin was SMILING. These wolves were out in the wild far away from anybody and everybody. An example of killing simply for the “sport” of killing.

This writer has collected some stats, authentic stats, regarding the “alarm” of the danger wolves present by their very presence, even miles away from civilization: Two people have been killed by wolves in North America. One in Canada and one in The United States.

However, 100 souls in North America were killed in HUNTING ACCIDENTS and 1,000 more were injured while hunting. These stats come from International Hunter Education source.

Other stats show that 20 people are killed each year by….CATTLE. So it appears that people are more likely to be killed by a cow, or mistaken for a deer and shot, than to be killed by a wolf. This is FACT.

Congress managed to get the wolf killing bill passed, as wanted by the anti-wolf lobby, by sneaking it onto the budget bill . They also managed to get the wolves off the endangered species act in the process in order to carry out the carnage.

Those who want to stop the indiscriminate wolf killing are not fanatics as charged. It is the wolf killing lobby who are the fanatics and make personal attacks on those who want to protect the wolves. And they will sabotage all efforts to do so.

An on-line petition, gathering signatures to put a stop to the slaughter, was hacked into so that nobody could sign it. There were enough people ready to sign to have created a protection bill. But it was stopped from reaching the court for the scheduled hearing.

The same people fighting the petition are also attempting to distort Scriptures to make their case to say that “God says that hunting is OK.” He does NOT.

Before Noah’s flood, the inhabitants of the earth, both human and animal, were vegetarians as shown in this series. Mans’ sin grew so great that God in His anger caused a great flood to cover the earth, with only Noah and his family surviving and the pairs of animals taken on the Ark with them. After the flood, God, knowing man’s sinfullness allowed the eating of flesh. Not condoning it but ALLOWING it.

At least the Indians hunted with responsibility and did not want animals to suffer.

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(Photo above shows a young Rev. Austin Miles hanging out with rhinos.)




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