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Friday, August 21, 2009

MilesTones • Not Over the Rainbow but IN it—UPDATED-Reader Response

Oakley, California 8/21/09 Wrapping itself in the rainbow flag, The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) yesterday approved a measure to allow practicing homosexuals and those with same sex partners to be ordained as Lutheran priests.

The measure won by 54% of its 4.2 million church members. According to Christian Post, 46% of that body approved of the church clergy performing same-sex “marriages.”

The new Mission Statement of the church, presented at the convention in Minneapolis, was named, “Human Sexuality; Gift and Trust.”  It was passed by a vote of 676-338 by the delegates, just barely fulfilling the two-thirds vote requirement.

Despite the fact that the Bible does not support homosexual behavior—much less, ordaining them as priests (with no special requirements), supporters of this radical change, brought in the bible to press their demands, stating that the document drawn up “is consistent with the biblical command to care for one’s neighbor and building trusting relationships.” (?) How’s that again?

Martin Luther would turn over in his grave. Readers may remember the event at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Washington, D.C. that allowed a leftest group led by James Carvalle to deliver liberal propaganda while using curse words and vulgarity from behind that pulpit, which was televised on CSPAN. And it was the parish priest that allowed this to take place. If Martin Luther were alive today, we would see more than turning over the tables of the money changers in the temple.

According to OneNewsNow, the vote was a prelude to votes scheduled tomrrow, Friday. It is to be noted that just before the vote yesterday, a storm suddenly formed with strong winds that toppled trees outside the convention center and damaged the steeple of a Lutheran church next door. Still, the delegates voted as they intended to.

MilesTones will resist making a ‘cause & affect’ comment or statement regarding the dual event that took place. Perhaps those attending tomorrow’s final vote should wear a helmet with well padded, water resistent clothing, protective gear, and stay under door frames. We don’t believe that God is happy with the happenings.
UPDATE: The vote yesterday, Friday August 21, 2009, won with 68% approval, that sexualy active gay and lesbians in committed releationships can serve as clergy in the Lutheran Church, ELCA.


——-Original Message——-
From: Kevin Strauss

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Sent: Fri, Aug 21, 2009 1:32 pm
Subject: (no subject)

Hey Rev. Miles,

Clearly you’re not Lutheran, or you would know that we don’t have “priests.” You’d also know that Martin Luther believed most strongly in the words of Jesus Christ as written in the Holy Bible. “Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.”

By those two commandments, the ELCA Lutheran Church is doing the exactly right and Christian thing by accepting gays as equal members of our congregations. Bigotry has no place in any Christian church and I am stunned that in the 21st Century, some protestant churches hold the same views on gays that the Nazi Party did in 1930’s Germany. Shame on you.

It’s too bad that you spend so much time spreading fear and superstitution that you don’t seem to have time to read the New Testament. Take a look at it some time. You’ll find a God described there that actually loves you, even when you can’t help hating some of God’s children.

I’ll be praying for you.
Kevin Strauss
ELCA Lutheran
Writer Addresses Above Letter.

The ‘gay’ writer of this letter typically attacks from several directions and compares the Christian Church with the Nazi Party. There is only one “church’ that might fit that description and that is the “baptist” church from Kansas that pickets funerals and holds signs stating, “God Hates Fags.” The “pastor” of that “church”, is Fred Phelps who is a total counterfeit.

  First of all, he is not in any way affiliated with the Baptist Church. He just took that name to make him look legitimate. Only his family makes up his ‘congregation.’ He is paid about $10,000 for everything he does on television or nutty statements the media picks up that will disparage Christians and make all Christians appear evil. Yes, there are people who pay big money to damage the church. FACT. Our church is not one of them.

  I have performed funerals for several ‘gays’ including an AIDS death. Had Phelps ever tried to picket one of those funerals, I would personally escort him out of the area and onto the highway that runs by the cemetery. For me, a funeral is a sacred function and it is clear that there is value in every life. And I feel (and preach) that there is a seed of greatness in every human being…without exception. So do not use his hate organization from Kansas as an example of Christian churches. He is an abomination to all of us.

    Every church I know of (including mine) welcomes all who want to come to worship with them. However, that does not mean that all attendees are qualified (or fit) to have a leadership position in the church any more than you are qualified to take the controls of a jet plane full of people just because you have ridden in one and want to.  Attending and leading are two different things. There are requirements necessary for most endeavors in life. For example, I want to know that my doctor is qualified before surgery.

    And that is the whole point of my story. The gay man accuses me of “spreading fear and superstition and don’t have time to read the New Testament because I “..can’t help hating God’s children.” How’s that again?  And by the way, I am a teacher and Dean of Students at the School of Theology so I do read the New Testament every day.

  Check out my story on this website, “The Miracle of The Big Bang.” A homosexual responded with great anger that…better yet, find the item in Archives-July, and then read that letter that attributes homosexual hatred to a story that has absoultely nothing to do with ‘gays’ but about creation. This one will amaze you.






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