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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MilesTones • Occupiers in Boats Crash Parade


Bethel Island, California. This past Saturday, April 21st, the cannon was ready to be fired for the beginning of the boat parade heralding the opening of the boating season.

Your writer, who was there for the annual, “Blessing of The Fleet Ceremony,” was in place as the boats were taken out of harbor and lined up on the water. The cannon fired promptly at noon, starting the parade.

Each boat was blessed as it sailed by, with prayers for a joyous and safe boating season.

Suddenly in the midst of the parade, a dozen small boats appeared with Occupy protest signs that had maneuvered into the line. And they got blessed too as they went by which might be a first.  It all went smoothly without incident.

Liberal’s Slant on News:  In her syndicated column (4/24/12) Maureen Dowd, wrote this about Mitt Romney: “When the Romneys got married and moved to Boston in 1971 so Mitt could attend Harvard, they set up house in a suburb, befriended other young Mormon couples and kept to their cloistered, conservative, privileged, traditional, white, heterosexual circle.”

Naw, that’s not liberal bias. There’s no sech thing.

Then the ‘Ask Amy” advice column published this letter (4/19/12): “Dear Amy; I am 28 and have been in a relationship with an amazing man for the past year and a half.

The problem is, he has a live-in-girlfiriend of five years. We met online when we were both seeking a “CASUAL HOOKUP.” He lied about being in a relationship.

I discovered shortly after that he was living with his girlfirend while he was hooking up with me. I confronted him, and we stopped seeing each other, but I had already developed feelings for him.

He contacted me a few weeks later, and we started seeing each other again.

It’s now been 18 months, and I don’t know what to do. I am in love with him, and he claims to be in love with me, but he doesn’t want to hurt his girlfriend.

He says he loves her even though he isn’t “in love” with her and that he needs her to see that that they’re “over” before the breakup happens.

I don’t want to stop seeing him, but I don’t want to sell myself short either. What should I do”  signed, Hopeless.”

Well duh! They were openly seeking ‘casual hookups’ after all.

THE DOTTED LINES: The revelation that Obama and his family ate dogs when he was growing up in Indonesia gives a new meaning to, “putting on the dog.”...In the meantime, Obama just signed an agreement that slaughter houses can now offer….horse meat for consumption. That’s whatcha call putting the horse before the ala carte…And Obama’s Secret Service obviously couldn’t do things secretly.They brought prostitutes to their rooms creating a media firestorm resulting in several being fired.  The least these secret service guys could have done was to be serviced secretly.  That’s it….I’m outta here…..




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