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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

MilesTones • Stiff Price For Bier With A View—UPDATE

OK..OK!  We’ll comment on the grave news of a plot to profit the owner of a final resting spot next to Marilyn Monroe, but this comes only after an avalanche of spirited requests to us to do so…well….one to be exact…which came from Helen Trautman, CEO of Results Unlimited, an event organizer and speaker’s bureau in Pittsburgh, PA., and a long time friend of MilesTones.

The mausoleum slot next to Marilyn Monroe at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery had been purchased by Richard Poncher from Joe DiMaggio after the heavy hitter and his movie star wife divorced.  And that’s where Mr. Poncher was entombed 23 years ago. Then, facing the current economic collapse,  Poncher’s wife found herself facing a morgage crisis of $1.6 Million and needed to raise some bucks in order to keep her Beverly Hills home.

So she listed her husband’s mousoleum site on eBay for auction, with the opening bid at a couple hundred thousand dollars. The interest in being a neighbor of the glamourous movie queen escalated and the final bid came in for, $4,602,100.  So this has started a new industry, Tombs With a View in a Celebrity Area. Already there is another one offered a couple of slots above Monroe for $250,000.

According to The Associated Press, when Elsie Poncher sells the crypt, she’ll put her husband’s remains in the one reserved for her, and when her time comes, she’‘ll be cremated.

So, have a bier next to a celebrity. However, beware not to get gypped at a crypt.
UPDATE: The $4.6 Million sale of the famous crypt didn’t really have a ghost of a chance. The bidder apparently decided not to die and backed out of the sale which buries any future negotiations. For MilesTones, this is now a dead issue.




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