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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Religion • Chuck Colson’s Curious Mixed Message

Personal and Exclusive to Readers of This Website.

This month, Chuck Colson who rose from the Watergate mess to head BreakPoint Ministries, will be buried with full military honors.

Chuck was very likeable and he always greeted me warmly when we crossed paths at several conferences in D.C. If he saw me first, he would come over to say hello. I considered him a friend.

Than I broke a shocking story on Assist News Service about the quietly introduced mandatory Islamic Studies for 7th graders in the public schools, shortly after 9-11.

The story created an uproar but in ways I never imagined.  The most disturbing attack of all came from…..Chuck Colson, who not only repudiated my story but wrote four straight attack stories on me that were published by Christianity Today.  One of his stories, released by BreakPoint Ministries, listed, Alberto Rivera as the writer. That name belongs to a fictitious anti-Catholic character in the Chick Tracts.

I tried to call Chuck but my calls were refused and unanswered. I wrote BreakPoint Ministries and received a very hostile, rude response from them.

I wanted very much to meet with Chuck to, first of all, let him know that I forgave him and to try and understand why he was so determined to silence my story and discourage the mainstream media from picking up on a story so important to America..Why?

Fortunately, Middle Eastern Expert, Daniel Pipes who writes for the New York Post and The Jerusalem Post picked up on it and from there it did go out on the mainstream media, around the world and front-paged in such papers as The San Francisco Examiner.

I was aware that at the time my story broke, Chuck was in the midst of raising one million dollars to “stop Islamic recruitment in the prisons.”  That even raised more perplexing questions.

Now, with his death, I will never know. When Chuck Colson is buried this month, the truth will be buried with him. I am saddened by all of this. Frankly, I liked him.




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