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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Society • Obamunists Prepare Aircraft to Attack Romney!

MoveOn, the Soros backed attack machine, has contracted with 99airlines to fly anti-Romney banners over Republican events including the just concluded GOP Convention in Tampa.

In their daily pump piece emailed to supporters yesterday, the “team” boasted: “MoveOn has used a flying banner to heckle Romney events 13 times this year, including during Ryan’s big coming-out party…the earned media has been tremendous.” So they said. And what is “earned” media?

They crow that these flyovers have been covered by The New York Times, ABC World News, The Washington Post, CNN and more. That “more” must include MSNBC, all government controlled media exactly as in the former Soviet Union.

The banner’s messages, dragged over all Romney events include; “PAUL RYAN:KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR MEDICARE”. and “ROMNEY, RYAN, AKIN=WRONG 4 WOMEN”.

MoveOn gleefully proclaims, “With banners like these, we’ve been able to get tons of media hits, combat Romney’s messaging, and expose the truth.”

The “truth” seems to have been fully exposed during the GOP Convention. It is ironic to expose ‘truth’ by telling lies.

MoveOn solicits $5 donations from their misguided followers to keep 99airlines in the air with the misleading banners.

Send all contibutions to the proper party MIS-representative.

The GOP will win IF the election is legitimate. To make certain, contact lawmakers immediately and demand that the voting tally NOT take place in Spain, where George Soros has a headquarters, as quielty planned. See my previous story with documentation, “Explosive! November Election Already Decided!” on this website.




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