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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Society • One Reason To Vote FOR Obama (!)

The Democrats will always be known as the party who booed God. But let it not escape any cognitive file that in the 2008 DNC, those same nitwits booed The Boy Scouts of America as they entered to present the flag.

Yes, they booed the boy scouts, young boys proud to be wearing the scout uniform carrying the U.S. flag, determined to grow into upstanding moral men…why?

Because these young men seeking the building of responsible character had voted to not have homosexual scout masters who would have full access to them during camping trips. This writer will never forget the hurt looks on their faces as the boos began and intensified as they came on the platform. Perhaps the Dems were actually booing the flag as well.

So, why on earth, is there ANY reason to vote FOR Obama or ANY democrat?  In the first place, there are serious questions about his eligibility to run for president. He refused to produce papers regarding his birth, education or any other background identification, paying lawyers over 2 million dollars to make sure those papers remained hidden.

His sponsors, including the media not only allowed this to happen, but took part in the coverup. When Romney joked about his own birth certificate, it created a firestorm as newspapers accused him of being a “birther,” while Associated Press wrote about the issue referring to the” DISCREDITED” question about Obama’s citizenship. Discredited? Not so fast.

It is to be noted that he finally, after much pressure, presented what he said was the original long-form birth certificate from Hawaii. Close examination showed that a difference in the font style used in some boxes would not have been used on 1960s birth certificates. It was clearly a forgery.

Then this writer noticed something no-one else at the time seemed to catch. In the space to declare ‘race’ it stated, “African American.” That term was NOT used in the 60’s. His race would have been listed as “Negro.” I published that finding but America continued to sleep.

This writer also found a story in the archives of the newspaper in Kenya which gleefully reported that Obama, “a man born and raised in Kenya, one of us” had taken a Senate seat in Illinois…in America!  (Hooray!) That story has since been scrubbed from the newspaper archives by an unseen hand of persuasion.  However many copies were printed and are still in existence in America. But once again, when shown that evidence, people fluffed it off.

So why should one vote FOR Obama?  Simple. If he is again shoe-horned in, and America totally collapses, he would automatically blame it on the past administration. Now that would be worth seeing.

Should he not be seated in the Oval Office, which is unlikely, we have been informed that he has learned to brew his own beer with his own recipe. Indeed, he is the first president to hold a beer summit in the White House to settle a racial flap that he instigated. Whatever happened to serving coffee or tea to guests in the White House which had more class?

So Mr. Obama might make it as a beer producer…a brewer. But, Mr. Obama, no matter how good your beer might be, you are NO Samuel Adams.

End Note: New 9/11 Attacks. Yesterday, America commemorated the Muslim attacks of September 11,2001. On the day of this painful reminder, Muslims again struck out against The U.S., by attacking the American Consulate in Libya, killing U.S. Diplomat Christopher Stevens and three staffers. They also attacked the American Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, storming into the building, which is American territory, looting it, tearing the American Flag down, burning it and hoisting in its place the Islamic black flag.  Carefully note the symbolism of this.

Obama put in this current militant Islamic regime after overthrowing Egypt’s President, Hosni Mubarak, to replace him with The Muslim Brotherhood, who hate America. What’s more, Obama has gifted those thugs who have vowed to destroy us, $2.5 BILLION dollars in “aid,” paid for by American tax dollars!

[To] not remember all of this in November is to seal your own fate and the fate of your family by ushering them into brutal Islamic-Communist Rule forever.

To do nothing automatically votes in Obama, Sharia Law, Marxism and a dictator for life. Your decision is crucial for America!




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