Rev. Austin Miles, a chaplain in Northern California is a writer and historian. He is the author of Santa's Surprising Origins, a story that received worldwide circulation and resulted in him being cast in the 2004 Hallmark Christmas Movie titled, Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus. He played the mall Santa who magically received the gift of sign language.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

General • Yippee! One Millionth Visitor and Counting!

Exclusive for Readers of This Website

This website has just ushered in its one millionth visitor! Before leaving for church this morning, we were within 150 visitors of reaching that mark. Having just returned, we now have 1 million 419 visitors and that number is quickly climbing.  We have heavy traffic. Last Friday alone, 50,000 new readers checked in.

This has become the Go-To website where one can find breaking news stories along with those that the liberal controlled media refuses to print, like the revelation that the outcome of this November election has already been decided.

We revealed that it was arranged quietly for all the votes to be counted in Spain with new machines for that purpose. There is no way to verify or even confirm votes under that arrangement with a foreign country, the home of one of the headquarters of George Soros, a heavy funder of the destruction of America.

Soros, a Hungarian billionaire, who, through manipulation and buying up U.S. dollars caused the devaluation of U.S. currency to weaken our economy. He heavily finances the Democratic Socialist Party that will make his dreams of a Communist dominated world come true.

This is not being done so much to bring Communism to the entire world, but for him to become the emperor of the world.

The story of this pre-decided election can be found on this website with documentation and where it can be found. Yet the so called mainstream media has silenced and censored this story to keep America in the dark.

Curiously, the conservative news sites, except for WND, have remained mostly silent on this issue which should have been shouted from the rooftops and propelled everyone to demand their representatives stop the process of allowing our votes to be outsourced, counted (MANIPULATED) in a foreign country. They have managed to slip this by us with the help of the media

Stories on this site are picked up by other news sources and get wide circulation both in America and 26 countries overseas. We were the first to print that the Dems had booed God at their convention, which spurred other stories with that take. We were the first to use the word, ‘inconvenient,’ like in a story about the 10 Commandments that liberals would approve, one of the ‘commandments’ being, ‘killing an inconvenient baby.’

This spurred a glutton of uses of the word, inconvenient, like Al Gore’s yarn about global warming called, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

We profoundly thank our readers who have made this site popular.  We also thank Neal, the founder of American Daily for publishing my first stories and persuading me to start this blog. He and his wife Pati are the webmasters. Neal is in a health crisis, struggling to make it. He is looked upon with gratitude by many people, including me, Cathy Taibbi whose first story was published by Neal and who is today considered the best environmental and wild life journalist in the world.  Rev. Michael Bresciani, (, acknowledges that Neal was a key figure in starting him in writing, and he also has turned out to be one of the best.

This site, from time to time, gives an insight into some of the best known people in the world, including religious personalities, celebrities, politicians, and some world leaders. Insight that can only come from someone who had intimate contact and dealings with them. Most of those come as exclusive stories to readers of this site.

This chaplain-writer never intended to become political. However, having been behind the Iron Curtain and seeing first hand the horrors of life in Communist controlled countries, and their war on God, Christians and the church, there was no choice but to step in and fight to bring America back to its original purpose and values.

As a minister, I am also called to be a defender of the faith. to defend the church and the right to worship God; a right that the Democrats along with George Soros is determined to strip from us.  Advisory: Not on my watch!

END NOTE: By the time I hit the publish button, the readership count had risen to1,000,766. And that is still climbing.





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