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Monday, September 24, 2012

Society • 64th Emmy’s Toilet Fetish Opening Stunk!

Being prepared to review the 64th Emmy Awards Show, pad and pencil in hand and looking forward to production numbers, presentation and ready to laugh with the new M.C., actually expecting entertainment, I was instead plunged into an upchuck-inducing opening, all centered in a public toilet with the stars barefoot in bathrobes, rehearsing their facial expressions in front of the mirror..expressions if they won and expressions if they didn’t. One of the bath-robed stars was Kathy Bates, whose show, “Harry’s Law” was one I was rooting for.

As the performers rehearsed their facial expressions, they looked so amateurish that they wouldn’t have been cast in a community theater in Indiana.

During that fiasco, one star ran into the stall, slammed the door and started screaming. Katy Bates rushed over, slammed her fist through the door to open it where we saw a male frustrated over his overdone makeup, sitting on the floor between the open toilet and the wall.

Other stall doors were opened. One contained an actress sitting nude on the toilet, her bare breasts blurred, with a birthday cake she was eating in her naked lap. This was a sick public toilet obsession display.

After 10 minutes of this trash, I gave it up, clicked off the show and went on to write about something else.

It may have been just as well since I missed a probable stream of vulgarities, actors applauding themselves when their names came up and rambling acceptance speeches that went in circles.

There was a day when the entertainment business had some class. Vulgar language, cursing, and obscenities would never have been permitted in films or on stage. There was a strict code of conduct for movie stars. If they created a scandal, they would be banned from the studios.

There was a sense of dignity among performers who dressed well, spoke well and possessed a certain mystery that made them even more intriguing.  It would not even be considered to do an interview and reveal personal habits, fetishes or sexual preferences.  That mystery was appealing to audiences and gave a certain royal bearing to the actor.

They were respected and they showed grace and respect to others. What’s more, they exhibited professionalism which not only is a must on a set, but in their everyday lives.

The movies they made elevated life, never degraded it. A violent conflict would fulfill all the rage and anger without one curse word or vulgarity. These scenes were effective and done with class.

Why in the world would anyone want to spend their money, even more important, their time, to watch movies that degrade the human race, to have your ears filled with gutter language of low-lifes, and to see portrayals of life that disgusts you with the world itself.

The awards show is playing as I write this. It can only be hoped that there is some.redeeming quality in it somewhere. From that horrible, offensive opening, I doubt it.

****Rev. Austin Miles had a successful show business career during his earlier years. When he became a minister, his first assignment was as “Chaplain to Show Business.”  He is dismayed by the direction a formerly good profession has taken.




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