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Saturday, September 5, 2009

General • The Truth of Global Warming; Are We Doomed For Man’s Inaction?

The Bible makes it clear that we humans are to tend the garden as he instructed Adam and Eve. We must take care of the Earth we occupy. Man has been so lax, so careless, that we are now in danger of making the earth uninhabitable.

It all started with the Industrial Revolution. When the first factories were built in Germany, they were built next to the pristine rivers so that waste from those factories could be dumped directly in those rivers, providing great convenience for the factory barons. What could they expect? Certainly not that the waters would remain pure and healthy. That was not their focus or even concern.

At one time in New York, the Hudson River was flowing with sturgeon. From that river, America shipped caviar to Russia! Today, the Hudson River is so filthy that even seasoned divers for the police department dread going into that cesspool to find a body; fishing there is unthinkable. All because of man’s failure and neglect of tending the garden.

Man’s primary interest is in making a profit, no matter what and who must be destroyed in the process. At this time in history, if carbon emissions are not controlled, we will all be destroyed due to “global warming.” At least that is what the politically produced ads and TV spots want you to believe.

The first truth clue is in the TV ads. Question: Why should something so vital for human survival be produced with the style of a political ad? Answer: Because it is strictly a matter of politics, not a matter of survival for the human race. And a lot of money is behind it for a good reason.

It is hard to forget the picture of Al Gore passionately speaking before Congress of the need to cap all emissions to prevent the greatest catastrophe of all time by unchecked global warming … while it was snowing heavily outside! The Arab Émigrés had their first snowfall in history at about that same time. And people were shivering all over the world.

Even a recent demonstration of solar energy had to be cancelled because there was four inches of snow on the solar panels. How did Al Gore become the spokesman for this political project? Is this truly a concern from his heart, or, were there other … considerations?

And why did Al Gore win an Academy Award for his documentary titled “An Inconvenient Truth,” and even the special music written for it, since the documentary, by production standards, was only so-so and the music terrible? Indeed, it stinketh! What influenced (persuaded) the Academy to give them such prestigious film awards? It certainly was not the artistry or even legitimate knowledge proclaimed in the documentary. Like some Nobel prizes, this is questionable.

Many ideas and concerns have been expressed with theories as to why this is being so vigorously championed and pushed.

More Americans than at any time believe that the seriousness of “global warming” is being exaggerated, according to a Gallup Poll released March 13, 2009. These polls show that support for Gore’s “cause” has fallen from 61 percent in March of last year to 53 percent this year, as people wise up. Many of the world’s most respected scientists have denounced Gore’s claims.

Even the UK, that normally backs the hysteria, had some telling comments on the BBC News Science & Environment section by scientists (March 13, 2009). One of those by Dr. T.T.Gough of Ballendalloch, Scotland, stated simply that the whole global warming idea is “Dangerous nonsense.”

Another one backing the flack, Peter Scargill of Wark-on-Tyne, gave this chilling statement: “Of course as long as we keep producing babies as if our planet had endless resources, we’ll never truly solve this problem.” Gulp! Abortion is the answer?

A respondent to that, Thomas Goodey of Cuxton-upon-Medway, wrote: “I am simply not prepared to close down half of industrial civilization and eliminate half of the population on this planet to gratify these alarmist fantasies.”

The most telling response came from Norman G. Smith of Chilliwack, Canada: “This is to scare people and keep the grant money flowing.” Then he goes further by stating, “NASA says the sun is suddenly losing power and it is already 13% cooler. That’s a fact – not theory.”

However, the one who comes the closest to revealing the heart of this aggressive move (to “stop global warming”) is Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH), who, according to the New York Times (March 11, 2009), referred to climate legislation as “a national sales tax on energy.”

This is the key and here is the reason behind this effort. (Fasten your seat belts!) The United Nations has tried to devise a way to impose a global tax since its inception. They have tried other schemes that failed. But this one is the ultimate … to show that the entire world is at stake and will blow up, burn us all alive if we don’t stop it. So the tax they have in mind (that will go to them) will prevent this catastrophe. And that tax, a world tax, will make the leaders of that organization unspeakably wealthy … and that’s the name of the game. That’s why they hired Al Gore to give it some muscle and influenced the film industry to award his meager documentary and even its dreadful music score to make it appear to the public that this cause is “genuine.” It is not.

Yes, we must be conscious of our use of this planet … we must be wise, like the Indians who, whenever they cut down a tree, planted another one in its place. They nurtured the land. Indeed, had the Indians remained in charge, we would not have environmental problems. However, Indians or no Indians, “global warming” would never be a threat. This ruse is a well-calculated, financially based hoax.
Rev. Austin Miles, a pastor-chaplain in Northern California is a teacher and Dean of Students at the accredited School of Theology and is currently working toward two Ph.Ds.




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