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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Society • Obama’s Election Victory Celebration Scheduled

Obama sent out an email on Thursday, Oct. 25th, advising his leftist supporters: “The secret’s out. You can join the President in Chicago on Election Night (and have a front row ticket to history.)” The parenthesis are Obama’s.

The One goes on to state: “Flights and hotel are on us—you don’t want to miss this final contest. Chip in $5 or whatever you can and you’ll be automatically entered.” The email, signed by Obama, includes a photo of him snuggling with Michelle.

He calls the upcoming election, “the final contest,” and David Axelrod, in an email to Obamanites the next day, Oct. 26th,  states that “We’re planning his last Election Night—and he wants you to be there.”

Then listen to this; Axelrod goes even further with very clear intentions: “Be a part of this. Donate $5 or whatever you can today, and you’ll be automatically entered to meet President Obama and be right up front at his Election Night Speech.”

Let’s analyze. Why would someone who would lose, want his fans there for his “election night speech?”  Unless it is set for him NOT to lose.  And why would he invite his admirers to ‘have a front row seat to “history?”

History? Wasn’t that what they promised in 2008? And they got it. However, this history will be even more profound.

The two emails sent out are very similar to the ones for the 2008 election. The Election Night Victory Celebration in Chicago’s Grant Park attracted a million people. That gathering was about as spontaneous as the attacks on the Libyan Embassy.

What is especially telling, something the lame-stream media kept hidden, was that Obama had secured Grant Park for that Victory Celebration with a million dollar deposit…..months before the election even took place. Like this coming election, it was a done deal right from the start. Re-read the above and observe what the communique is actually saying, that citizens are invited to Obama’s Election Victory Celebration.

Ths Soros machine has been hitting that this is Obama’s final contest…in other words, the last chance (with term limits), for America to have this great man leading The U.S. Soros is telling the truth. This is indeed Obama’s last election, and possibly the last free election for America.

Once he is back in, he will be in permanently and with what has been set in motion, there will be no way to get him out. This will end free elections. He cannot be voted out. His Executive Orders will be implemented almost immediately and The Communist Party will rejoice that finally, they have shackled the once free and powerful country known as, America.

If this election legitimately counted votes, Romney would win. But the election is already rigged. The only possible salvation for America is to launch a fierce writing campaign to newspapers, letters-to-the-editor, letters to Obama and all congress and senate representatives, and to call-in radio talk shows. If enough fuss is made, perhaps this can be stopped, but only if enough people step up to the plate to apply pressure.

Already, a report today on radio news stated that Absentee Ballots, which make up 40% of voters, shows that Obama is ahead. How’s that again? And WHERE are these votes being counted?  Or rather….manipulated?

Americans, please do not snooze through this, It is our last chance. Don’t lay down…stand firm, for God’s sake,  for your family’s sake, and for America’s sake.




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