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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Society • Rabid Racist Columnist Must Go!

WALNUT CREEK, California. Leonard Pitts Jr.,the extremely angry black man who constantly fumes about angry white men, headlined his column today; “Party of Angry White Men Has Lots of Damage to Fix.”***  His column, not including the headline, uses the term “white men” 5 times in his maniacal ravings, two times in one sentence and in the closing paragraph of his diatribe. Five times in one story!

By constant race references, Pitts is deliberately dividing people instead of efforts to bring people together which is where real strength begins and develops.

Pitts, who displays his prejudicial perception of “racist white men” goes on to stomp the GOPs “unrelenting and deeply personal disrespect toward the nation’s first African-American president,“and on and on and on, including the accusation of “white male extremism.”  How’s that again?

Obama is disrespected over his failed policies, appeasing and embolden our enemies, displaying his hatred of America, bowing to foreign leaders including Islamic rulers, wrecking the economy and declaring war on God and the church with overall lack of competence. Those are the reasons, not his race.

First of all, it was the white people who voted Obama into office. It was the WHITE people who sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives to end slavery—and they were Republicans led by Republican President Abraham Lincoln. Does Mr. Pitts also include President Lincoln as an “angry white man extremist who hates blacks?”

His tirades include outrageous statements like this: “For years, the party has won elections by inventing enemies for angry white men to fear. But at this point, the GOP has no bigger enemy than itself.” Why was race identification needed? It wasn’t.

With the world so tense today, the last thing we need is a syndicated columnist who agitates races to distrust and be suspicious of each other, to turn on each other and keep everyone in turmoil.  Indeed, that should be outlawed the same as yelling “fire” in a crowded theater since this creates the very hatred Pitts complains about. This rabble-rouser should not be on the scene.

For the good of America, newspapers must cancel his columns. Perhaps letters to the editor (including a copy of this story) will help. Leonard Pitts Jr. is a racist of the worst kind. He must go.

** Pitts Opt-Ed is now entitled “GOP’s biggest problem is itself” on The original headline was immediately changed when my story broke and caused a national stir.




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