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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Religion • Waterboarding With Words to Squelch Christians

The Christian Post (CP) was created by Christians, for Christians, with news of interest to Christians. In short, it is a CHRISTIAN site. So how did the Democrat Socialist atheists manage to make it their personal forum, platform and microphone to push their Godless agenda and to insult our faith? How could Christians have allowed this to happen?

That question is answered by a recent post on CP that was created specifically to bait the hook to prove how the leftists have managed to push the Christians into the closet. The proven results are amazing and show how Christians are being duped to retreat from the public square, leaving it entirely in the hands of the militant unbelievers..

There are three distinct tactics to squelch Christian speech and presence:  1) Perseverance—never stop attacking. 2.) Diversion, misdirection (to guide people away from the point being made. 3.) Platitudinous Ponderosity, literally a word bomb attack, taking possession of the microphone and platform and not letting it go.

This is the science behind the filibuster, which brings an issue to a standstill on the Senate and House floors. Once an opponent gets the platform he starts with the subject at hand, then rambles on indefinitely in all directions, tying up the procedure so that no constructive action or vote can be taken.

Seeing how Christianity was beginning to disappear from the landscape of America, I set out to show what the atheists are using against us to silence our voices. I deliberately wrote a ‘set-up’ story where the atheists would prove my point.

The story, titled, “Shootout at CP Corral—Atheists Outed!” described the Democrat responders as unintelligible with glaring errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization of names and their deplorable spelling deficits, in short, plainly ignorant people. Here is the link:  You can see the other stories referenced in the right hand column. Especially check the first four.

And they fell for it hook, line and sinker. Their responses began coming in immediately and those responses proved every thing said about them. To take it further, I began answering some of the responses, which I very rarely do, but it was to prove a point that no answer would satisfy them. They would continue to challenge every word I wrote and use insulting adjectives to attempt to discredit me.

When I published the story, “Mall Kicks Baby Jesus (Cradle and All) Out of Creche Display, ” the leftists howled stating that I had lied, offered no proof of this (even though I included a photo of the creche on display), and one went so far as to state that I offered nothing to prove my allegations including the name of the mall so the story could be checked out.

I answered that one with a short message: “Are you serious? You are stating that I did NOT give the name of the Mall in my story above?”

That is one of the few times that a responder actually formally apologized stating that he ‘must have overlooked it.’  You bet he did. conveniently. And he was grandly checkmated.

My favorite one was when someone challenged me on a story about the Westboro Baptist nut group from Kansas that pickets funerals and demanded proof of what I wrote. I immediately answered stating that obviously he is a supporter of that wacky group by trying to protect them by attacking me.”

The responder jumped up and down screaming, “What do you mean I support them?” he wrote, and went on and on. As I read his frantic response I burst out laughing.

I had used the identical tactic they use on their perceived enemies, exactly as they do it, a dose of his own medicine and he couldn’t take it.

Even though I did answer all their questions they continued to push, like a pit bull who continues to attack even when he is injured or shot. That is exactly what these atheists are like. They wear you down by waterboarding with words.

This is what they do in the public square against wimpy Christians, which embolden them to put insulting references to Jesus, Christmas and God on billboards, buses, subways and next to Sacred Nativity Displays, knowing there will be no retaliation.

Christians do not go into the atheist territories to insult them, attack them or bully them. We let them live their lives, but they will not let us live ours. Why? Because we have never employed a counter offensive, like massive letters to the editors.

The most disturbing of all is the Christians who seemingly side with the atheists in these attacks against another Christian. Indeed this happened on the above story responses where a gleeful atheist informed us all that I must be a really bad person for even the Christians to be against me. You will see it in the reader responses. Fortunately there are more true Christians than these counterfeit ones.

Some of the Christians who have attacked me were people I thought were real people of faith. They are the ones who have done me the most damage, catching me unawares. Seems to be an age old problem. David had this to say:

“For it was not an enemy that reproached me; then I could have borne it; neither was it he that hated me that did magnify himself against me; then I would have hid myself from him. But it was thou, a man mine equal, my guide, and mine acquaintance. We took sweet counsel together, and walked unto the house of God in company.”  Psalm 55:12-14. I know the feeling.

It was precisely this kind of conduct by Christians that prompted Mahatma Gandhi to say, “If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today.”

Christians have utterly abdicated their commission to be defenders of the faith. They are not willing to stand firm and THIS is why the atheists are winning.  Christians want an easy Christianity without inconvenience. Yet, in the chess game of life, Christians choose to be the pawns, not the King.

By our inaction, we will REALLY be inconvenienced during this next four years.

Rev. Austin Miles has never accepted a 501c3 tax exempt status, so his freedom to preach as commissioned will remain intact.




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