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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Religion • Exclusive to Readers of This Website:

More Attempts to Censor

As readers of this website are aware, several attempts have been launched to silence it along with your host. It wasn’t too long ago that the whole site was shut down by hackers.  But with a computer expert quickly on the scene, we got it back up.

It was discovered about two weeks ago that hackers had gained access to the brainstorming rough drafts of planned stories. These drafts are quickly written to keep the idea in the rough, mainly for reference to a possible subject. Much of those drafts are discarded before being developed but kept on file for a time to determine if their use would be viable. THIS is what seems to be most valuable to atheists looking for a launch pin for attack bombs.

They not only put bugs in my computer but managed to grab those drafts and circulate them, even those that were not published, to use them for whatever advantage they could cook up. Some stories were edited by me for space considerations and some that simply did not flow well.

Many times I re-read something when it is posted and immediately trim it down and forget about it. My stories are followed very closely so that the very moment one is published, there is an automatic rush of responses of personal attacks by atheists. My stories are obviously very important and threatening to them.

Apparently a reader of Christian Post commented on a statement that was not even in the story and then accused me of editing it out as soon as he commented on it. Nonsense! The comments are so vicious and insulting that I stopped reading them and will no longer answer a critic.

Meanwhile, the computer technician managed to get my computer back on track after the hacking. Now, when I do a rough draft. then complete the story, the drafts are destroyed rather than saved, preventing enemies from snatching them, publishing them and shaping them whichever way they devise.

One atheist, years ago, got into my computer shortly after I had suffered a stroke and put screaming sound effects in it that would suddenly erupt in the middle of the night while I was working. AOL technicians found how he got in, did it, and identified the individual who did it. Apparently that atheist, knowing my condition, was scheming to have me shock-startled to induce a heart attack. He also garbled some of my news sites.

They are becoming more frantic in their attacks, indeed they are desperate, as Satan knows that his time is now specifically limited. He has been given only so much time before judgement begins. And he is trying to take as many to hell with him as he can in one last flurry of activity.  Have you noticed how mass killings and other horrible crimes have increased and for no particular or compelling reason? It is evil strictly for the sake of evil.

The incredible increase in brutal rapes, others burning in uncontrollable lust for one another of the same sex, to the point of taking unbelievable risks with some of the nastiest practices ever imagined. The disease called, AIDS that has resulted, has infected millions of people who will die slow painful deaths.

One “gay” man on a television program regarding AIDS lamented: “I never know when I make love if this will be the last time.” That kind of reckless risk-taking and possibly facing a dreadful fatal disease was, to him, seemingly worth it to satisfy his raging lusts FOR A MOMENT. Yes, just for a moment of “pleasure.”

Another risk taken by homosexuals is furthering the war on churches and Christians, paving the way for Islam, which will be the new One World Religion and the Communist Party will officially be the ruling party. The atheist Communist homosexuals are so blinded they have paid no attention to the fact that when the world shift is completed, which will be a much shorter time than anyone expects, homosexuals will be rounded up and executed, which is going on in third-world Islamic-Communist countries today. Again, are they blind?  As a matter of fact they are. Stupidly blinded by their lusts.

Satan will soon be destroyed, cast into hell forever along with those atheists who are his demons, carrying out his work and warring against God, the church and the ministers of God. They will truly believe in God when they face Him at that Last Judgement with trembling and pleading. But then, it will be too late. And those counterfeit Christians who joined them in their attacks on me will have a lot of explaining to do along with loud wailing and gnashing of teeth. Christians are the only group who shoots its wounded. Unless they seriously repent, their fates are sealed.

EXTRA NOTE: My recovery from the recent hospitalization is progressing. I remain on THIS side of the ground which is a good sign.




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