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Friday, September 11, 2009

General • Update: What’s Behind The “YOU LIE” Shout?

Congressman Joe Wilson stopped the world with a shout this week when he yelled, “You lie!” at Obama. That came after ‘The One’ stated that illegal immigrants would not be covered in his healthcare plan. Wilson’s two words, now famous, came out with a curious authority that was more than just an outburst. Orlean Koehle, President of Eagle Forum of California, forwarded an email to me from Allen Ide of Deleware that explains the oomph behind the shout:

“Turns out Rep. Wilson had good reason to know Obama was lying since he is an immigration attorney in South Carolina and he helped push amendments to the health care bill that would have expressly prevented coverage for illegal aliens ...but the Democrats in the House killed those amendments.

“This begs a question: If illegal aliens aren’t going to be covered by ObamaCare, then what’s the harm in specifically prohibiting it?

“I suspect most of the displeasure directed at Joe Wilson was because of what he had to say and that by speaking out about that issue he was in effect implicating not only Obama but the democrats, as well as republican CFR-member John McCain and republican-turncoat Arlen Specter,  both who were openly applauding Obama’s speech, and who subsequently criticized Joe Wilson later.”

This explains the intensity of his voice since he was more than famiiar with the topic that Obama was attempting to cover over and misrepresent.

Again, we thank Orlean Koehle and Allen Ide for this updated information.

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