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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Religion • Censorship of American Writers Now Blatant!

Yesterday I was informed that my standing as a writer for Christian Post (CP) has been terminated. All of my stories were immediately scrubbed from view. Why? The atheists complained. I kid you not. They (CP), based in Washington, D.C. are the voice for the enemies of Christianity, something I began to suspect when they gave the atheists, Communists and homosexual lobbyists full access to attack Christian writers of that site. Even the most vile responses were left up intact.

By immediately scrubbing all my stories, the old Soviet Communistic State methods were employed, to make a disfavored writer a non-person.

When I did my story, Obama Not Yet President Until Swearing In Ceremony,for CP,  that story was censored-removed not too long after it went up. The editor told me subtly they had been contacted and had to take it down. More likely, he was visited by someone the White House. CP yielded to the pressure.

They would never delete any atheist or Communist response to me that was vulgar, accusing. insulting, degrading or lying. It is indeed an open forum for all atheists who slam every Christian writer, to distract from the facts in the story.

You may remember that Michael Newdow falsely sued me over something that never should have gone to court. Eventually the court ruled in my favor. However, he contacted ASSIST News Service (that published my stories), the editor, Dan Wooding panicked and kicked me out of his pool of writers because Newdow was “offended.” (!)

Wooding published a sickening ‘apology’ to Newdow, which produced thousands of protests, which Wooding accused me of promoting (?). Wooding did that so Newdow would not sue him. Newdow sued him anyway.  What’s worse, Wooding has tried to black-list my name among editors to stop them from publishing me.

And I was fired from The Examiner because I would not endorse or promote “gay” rights. I would report on stories concerning the homosexual issue, but as a journalist simply reporting the news, not as a commentator. Yet, because I would not editorialize the story and promote their agenda, I was axed.

This is what our society has become. Our rights are gone. We have actually become, the USSA.

Meanwhile, as you know, my heart failed last October, was hospitalized in November, and still recovering. It was difficult, but this past Saturday was the best day yet of recovery. Finally felt alive. Everything kicking in, the procedure, medication etc. And since that time my overall strength has been returning.

However, I cannot travel by plane for now, so I cannot leave New York for an indefinite time, and must avoid stress as much as possible so it is just as well for me to back off a bit from the news—watching it and writing about it. Everything is too entrenched to make any difference at this point anyway.  But I have survived and when I hit 80 this coming September, I will hit the ground running. I intend to be very occupied.




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