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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Religion • Rev. Miles Recovering From Heart Condition-Exclusive to Readers of This Site

As you know, there has been another space between publication of stories. I was hospitalized a second time last week. Heart disease and the recovery has been rough.

Doctor’s Orders:  I must avoid all stress. That is difficult to do when your name is Austin Miles. I have ceased watching Fox News, even local news and will stop getting mad at Obama.

All Christian publications are being cancelled. I will not chance facing another unexpected hit piece in their pages. That includes websites.

Christianity Today (CT) published four attack stories on me in a row. When I contacted the editors there and asked what Billy Graham, who founded CT, would think of it being used to attack a devoted minister, the curt answer was: “Billy Graham had nothing to do with the founding of this magazine!” How’s that again?

Christian Post is the worst of all, giving total access to their site to atheists and gay rights advocates while eagerly publishing all of their attacks on me with insults, innuendo, false accusations and blasphemy of God.  Being an equal opportunity attack site, Christians joyfully joined the fray.

Where did this church hatred originate? Short version: High profile, rich show business personality. gave heart to Jesus, sucked into the Assemblies of God (AG), ordained as a minister, spoke in their churches, detected serious corruption, resigned.

“Oh Brother Miles,” a leader of the denomination said sweetly, “don’t do that, that would displease God. Pray on it first.”  I prayed…and as I did, they moved the machinery to kick me out of that organization with a fanfare. That episode is why my book later was titled, “Don’t Call Be Brother.”

Since the ministry God had entrusted to me had a solid reputation and was blessed of God, to justify kicking me out, they had to create reasons, and those untruths and attacks were so vicious that they could only have been spawned in the pits of hell.

Prodded by their puppeteers, AG members felt it their duty to God to destroy me and block this ministry.

Gerritt Kenyon, pastor of First AG church in Millville, New Jersey who knew me since I was at his church for a week, sent me beautiful letters after I had left, extolling my dedication to God and my devotional life.  Persuaded by AG Superintendent Thomas Zimmerman he sent a letter containing (dictated) charges against me. Kenyon was promoted to Presbyter of his section as a reward.  All documented!

Zenas Bicket, a “respected” teacher in the AG Bible schools, a man I never met, or talked to,  partnered with an atheist nut who was stalking me and threatened to kill me. The police had to intervene. Bicket knew nothing about my life. But when the atheist contacted him, he readily agreed to help the atheist by providing him with a statement listing these bogus ‘charges’ to empower him.

George O.Wood, the current Superintendent of The Assemblies of God,  went on KKLA Radio in L.A to broadcast a half hour program titled, “The Sins of Austin Miles.”  Spewing out lies on a tax exempt Christian radio station with, quote, “programs to uplift Christ.”

I put out a public challenge to these accusers, inviting them to come to my home and stay for 2 weeks where I would put them up, feed them, and give them an opportunity to closely observe my life. The only catch, however, they had to accompany me to every ministry function I was called to and that included the calls that often come in at 2 or 3 in the morning.

Nobody accepted the invitation. Not only would this ministry wear them out, but they would see something they did not want to see….the TRUTH about me and my life.

Once orchestrated hatred like that has been unleashed over so many years, it is difficult to surf. It becomes contagious and still continues to this day. The continual pressure has taken a toll on my health.

The Assemblies of God crossed denominational lines in an attempt to block the ministry God has given me. That has not and will not happen. I still stand firm in the faith and will not be moved. I am not quitting, so these people should not be too quick to pop champagne corks and open the whiskey bottles to celebrate.

To be fair, several of the old timers in the AG stood with me and are still friends today.  One, the late C.M. Ward, publicly stood with me and defended me on the PTL Television Network.

For the time being I must stay quiet while my heart is in its present condition. I will no longer be accessible to people in general since too many of them want access to me for the wrong reasons. I will only accept invitations or speaking engagements from those I know well to prevent being set up which has happened often.  And because of daily hate mail and threats, I have established security.

And I will be extremely cautious,especially around Christians, while following the advice of President Ronald Reagan; “Trust but verify.” Sounds like the best plan to me.

Happily. for the past 2 years I have been a part of a wonderful church, with a devoted pastor who walks the walk and a very loving congregation which continually strengthens me.
Rev. Miles’ book, Don’t Call Me Brother detailing the AG abuses can be found in libraries. If not in stock, they will order a copy to their branch.





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