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Monday, February 4, 2013

Religion • Beware of “Love Bombs!”

“They’re all such nice people,” performers backstage would say when Assemblies of God ministers and members of their flock would come to visit. Once the word got out that ‘the Circus Ringmaster had given his heart to Jesus,’ the AG net was cast to ensnare me and pull me in.

Every city the show performed in would be met by pentecostal folk wanting to be recognized. The Assemblies of God had been gradually achieving mainstream respectability. By recruiting people like me, with high public profiles, they hoped to gain favorable publicity (along with serious money) and upgrade the denomination’s image. The term “holy rollers” was almost entirely forgotten.

The sweet smiles on their faces, the ‘love,’ they exuded, the acceptance they displayed was overwhelmingly compelling.

These people were exercising what is widely known in the denomination as, “Love Bombing,” meaning to astonish the marks (carnival term for targeted suckers) with love.

It is interesting to note that the term was a part of the Sun Myung Moon cult with the Korean leader proclaiming that he was the expected Messiah. He controlled everyone and staged several huge weddings where hundreds of his followers were wed in a massive ceremony. The couples were all handpicked, each partner decided by the cult.

That term was used to an extreme by another cult, The Children of God, where sex was rampant with no age limits. Young underage girls would go into the marketplace to meet men and recruit them into the movement by getting extra friendly, allowing them liberties and being bedded down by these men who would join.

Love Bombing is especially effective for The Assemblies of God-lessness, since they are spiritual rapists.

They had expressed love for the circus people and me, their ringmaster, in order to persuade me to join them. After witnessing corruption in the AG and I had tried to resign,  they rushed to publicly dismiss me. In the process they had managed to love bomb me out of my money, all my savings, gained national publicity using me and, accomplished their goal. There was nothing more they could gain from me.

Thomas Zimmerman, the Grand Wizard of AG next declared publicly, regarding my departure; “Nobody from the circus (said with disdain) could ever be saved anyway.” How’s that again?

Sometime later Bob Elliott who had worked on my TV program, found me. “I’ve been trying to find you for five years,” he said, “I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I finally asked Tom Zimmerman if he had any idea what had happened to you. And would you believe it?  Zimmerman said, ‘The last I heard is that he’s back in the circus with all the rest of the freaks.’ “

My mouth began to quiver. Then I broke out in the healthiest burst of laughter I had experienced since going into the ministry.

While most churches had turned their backs on me, one, West Hudson Christian Center Assemblies of God in Kearney, New Jersey invited me to speak at their Easter Service in 1985.  Helen Trautman, CEO of Results Unlimited, a PR and Promotional firm in Pittsburgh, took a train from New York to attend.

The church was jammed. The Service was a powerful presentation of the Gospel. At the end,with emotions high,  the pastor, Rev. J.(last name unclear) took up a collection for a “love offering’” for my ministry. People were so moved that they were quickly filling every offering plate with big bills.

After the service, Pastor J thanked me and handed me $25.00. When I looked at it, he immediately said, “You know, we did you a favor by giving you a place to preach…considering…your reputation.”  Huh?

A furious Helen Trautman fired off a letter to Rev. J. He sent a check for $150.00 and put in the “for” box, ‘apology.’  As Ms. Trautman wrote to me, “I was in the first row of the balcony looking down on the audience-the collection plates were FULL, actually some overflowing.  I’ll never forget it. I thought perhaps I missed a new definition of Christianity.”

It is to be noted that when a church takes a love offering for a visiting minister, ALL of that offering must go to the guest. So he pocketed at least $2000.00, which was of course, OK, since I had a ‘bad reputation.’  Which brings up this question. lf I indeed was such a sinner with such a bad reputation, they why on earth would he put me behind his pulpit in the first place?  Well, he knew the church would be packed and that he had the opportunity of stealing a good sum of money. HYPOCRITES!  So how sincere are the “love bombers?” You decide.

The link below will take you to another example of a perfectly good pastor they tried to destroy. You will see actual letters that went between the pastor, and the current sheik of the AG, George Wood-whose name matches his heart

EDITOR’S NOTE RE: JIM JONES TIMELINE:  Jim Jones was with an independent Assemblies of God which were still AG but sovereign, meaning not under the crushing thumb of Zimmerman. However, that did not stop the AG from seizing some of their churches, taking them over—churches that had been built and paid for by members, and in some cases selling them.  Yes, Jones did later change denominations to become a part of Church of Christ. However, through it all, Zimmerman and the AG endorsed him all the way, which is clearly shown in how Zimmerman tried to persuade Rev. Miles to get involved with the Jim Jones “ministry.”




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