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Monday, February 11, 2013

Religion • Spiritual Bastards!

Whoa! Hold on there! That correct biblical term refers to questionable details of one’s birth. The Assemblies of God declare that they are born of God, when in reality, their father is the devil. (See John 8:44-47)

The Devil causes doubt…doubt about Jesus, doubt about yourself, doubt about others. Christ offers Hope in all things.

When God called me to the ministry, I was immediately sucked into the Assemblies of God.  I wondered why most of their preachers stiffened up when I met them and they showed visible discomfort. Simple, I had the Spirit of God in me and they had the spirit of Satan in them which greatly conflicted.

On the other hand, I have met many, many true devoted men of God, some in very high position, like the late Adrian Rogers, who received me warmly and spent time talking with me. It was a comfortable, refreshing time.

When Elizabeth was pregnant with John, her cousin Mary, who was pregnant with Jesus, came to visit, When they met, John, in his mother’s womb, was baptized in the Holy Spirit and “leaped in the womb.”  St. Luke 1:41. Their spirits were totally compatible.

The late Judson Cornwall known as “The Father of The Faith,”  the most devoted man of God I have ever met, with the sweetest Spirit of God within him one could ever find, was recognized as the greatest Bible teacher of all time. He was the author of countless books.

Once while he was in a revival week at a church in Binghamton, New York, he got up early to meet me for breakfast at 5 AM at the airport where I was changing planes. He wanted to spend time with me and fellowship. How many preachers would do that while in the midst of a demanding Revival Week?

Because he was a TRUE man of God, the Assemblies tried to find an excuse to kick him out. They had earlier been ticked that he wrote a book titled, “Satan Diversified of All Authority.” With the distinct spirit of Satan within them, the AG looked for any excuse to get him out of there.

They found that excuse in an astonishing way. Rev. Cornwall, who speaks all over the nation, was asked by a Methodist church to teach Bible for a week, which he agreed to do.

For THAT he was dismissed with the charge that he was to speak only to Assemblies of God churches! How Interesting, What I saw in the Bible was that we are to take the Gospel to ALL creatures. It did not read, ‘Take the Gospel ONLY to Assemblies of God preachers.’ 

Judson Cornwall had the Spirit of God within him, the leaders of the AG had the Spirit of Satan within them which, as usual, created a huge conflict. So they HAD to kick him out and try to destroy him. They didn’t succeed.

This is why 1 Peter 4:17 says, “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God….”  And will it ever come upon those phony ‘houses of God.’

There is a long list of true men of God who were kicked out of the Assemblies of God who next tried to destroy their ministries.

When the late Thomas Zimmerman, Superintendent of The Assemblies of God, let it be known that he would ruin my ministry, I called him and said, “Brother Z., the ministry God has entrusted to me is well known and respected. People know me. You will not be able to destroy this ministry.”

“Ooooohhh?” he purred, “we’ll ssssssseee about that.”  I kid you not. He actually hissed like a serpent…the serpent that he was.

From that moment on, the Assemblies of God devoted the next 35 years to daily attack the work God had called me to do, including character assassination, daily hate letters, and contacting any church they knew I was booked to speak in. No AG churches, that was already over, but churches from all denominations.  The sin that especially grieves God is “Bearing False Witness.”

It wasn’t just the ministry they were determined to destroy.  They worked to destroy my very soul! After I returned from burnout due to the viciousness of Christians, a sleazy radio host named, Tim Berends conned me into appearing on his program on KKLA in L.A. I was to tell what turned me back around to Christ. The AG absolutely did not want that.

Berends partnered with George O. Wood, Current Superintendent of AG and paid a false witness to come on the air to accuse me of fondling her breasts in a car in a church parking lot. A CHURCH parking lot. It was an ambush set-up.

The young woman described in ‘great detail’ of how I fondled her breasts, her nipples the works, while those who tuned in to this “Christian” station were quite intrigued by this spicy “testimony.” while the ‘unsaved’ were fascinated.

Then, I asked this woman to repeat where this alleged sexual abuse took place and she said, “In a bank parking lot.” In a BANK parking lot! That contradiction did it, I called her on it and she immediately fled the set up. Tim Berends is indeed, a Spiritual Bastard!

Matthew 10:28 states clearly: “And fear not them which kill the body,but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

The Assemblies of God-lessness were relentlessly determined to kill my very soul. They killed the souls of two others that they drove to suicide, detailed in previous stories in this series. There were many more.

Jim Jones, who came from the Assemblies of God, killed the souls of 913 people before he killed their bodies in his People’s Temple Compound that was nourished and backed by The Assemblies of God.

That vicious organization should be known for what it is: A Satanic Cult.

Watch for upcoming story, “Must I Forgive Them?” This one might surprise you.




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