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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Religion • Must I Forgive Them-The AG?

The pastor of the small church I attend near my home outside New York brought this up in a series of sermons on “Forgiveness.” And the points made were all valid.

HOWEVER, a very legitimate question begging an answer is posed: Will God forgive Satan?  NO!  Why? Because Satan committed the greatest offense in trying to overthrow God and in the process corrupted angels in heaven to assist him. Because Satan is already condemned, he cannot be forgiven.

So what about Satan’s Demons, who are directly paired with him, to harm God’s Servants and to attempt to destroy the ministry God gave them and to kill their souls, like The Assemblies of God? The same answer applies. They are already condemned, doomed and are without hope.

When the AG attacks were launched against me 35 years ago, I was booked to preach at the late Lester Sumrall’s church in South Bend, Indiana. It was not an Assemblies of God Church, but an independent one.

The Holy Spirit was working mightily in that service. A packed church greeted me. After the message a prayer for the congregation began, with the Holy Spirit giving a Word of Knowledge about needs in that congregation which proved to be accurate in each case with healing taking place.

As the Spirit flowed, members of the nearby Calvary Assemblies of God, Pastor Jack West (I thought he was one of the good guys) had organized to come to disrupt the service, which they did as the Holy Spirit began to flow, the most sacred time of a service.

The AG goons stood up and yelled that this was not of God but it was witchcraft and of Satan. The service came to a halt. the move of the Spirit disrupted.  Ushers came to escort the AG misfits out of the auditorium.

As they were escorted out I informed the congregation that the unforgivable sin had just been committed, “Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit”, attributing the works of The Holy Spirit to witchcraft and Satan which is clearly explained in St. Mathew 12:31-32. The service then resumed.

What is more, The Assemblies of God-lessness had begun organizing these protests which were to break out wherever I was a guest preacher. Yes, this means that the entire Assemblies of God is condemned and are bound for hell.

Author David Conn, who knew Jim Jones (who started with the AG), told me that he tried to warn people about the cult but the newspapers did not do their job. “The entire Jim Jones massacre could have been prevented if people had been warned and heeded the warnings,” he said.

Have you noticed that the move of the Holy Spirit is now virtually extinct in the AG asylums? I believe they started out as a sincere body of Spirit led believers, but, because of their weaknesses; i.e. love of gossip, with feet that are swift to mischief and to spread blood, tale bearing—especially if it involves high profile people (so they appear to have inside privileged information) to make them look important. “Bearing False Witness” is a common trait amongst weak Christians as well as people in general.

That sin is so offensive to God that several books of the Bible, both in the old and new testaments condemn it. In Matthew 19:18, Jesus lists ‘bearing false witness’ along side murderers.

As a result, except in very few AG churches, the move of The Holy Spirit is non-existent. As one AG pastor told me, “Well, we’ve toned down the work of the Holy Spirit such as tongues since it might turn off visitors who might become members.”  How’s that again?  Sold out to Satan’s agenda by squashing the work of God.

This is how Satan was able to infiltrate and take-over the Assemblies of God. Weak Christians can be conquered and shackled without much difficulty.

When I published my best selling book, “Don’t Call Me Brother,” in 1989, I received hundreds of letters that stuffed a huge file cabinet…letters from victims of the AG who had been abused as children by AG leaders, families torn apart so the AG could keep the one most valuable to them, life savings swindled from trusting congregants. Many left Christianity altogether, cursed God and became militant atheists. That blood is on the hands of the AG as shown in Ezekiel 3:18-20.

The damage done to victims was so severe that as one passed a church on Sunday morning, they would say, “There they are this morning, gathered together for their hate lessons.”

How could God be real if those who follow Him turn out like this?  So vicious is the venom hurled by these mental cases that it would be easy to drive by churches on Sunday morning and want to shoot out the stain glass windows.

Many new Christians come into the AG with a pure heart. The pastors and followers are so very friendly and sweet. They are then like the frog put in the kettle. The water is comfortable. Then, little by little the heat is turned up, so gently that the frog doesn’t realize what is happening until he is boiled alive.

The AG Christians are that frog in the water. You are about to hear such a congregation, cheering on the hate filled sermon by Rev. Doug Williams, an official in the AG preaching against this minister. This tape has been posted in an earlier story but needs to be listened to again, realizing that this large congregation of over 2000 people have been boiled in the hot water gradually turned up until they suddenly were conscious no more with their brains fried. Here is the link:

Writer’s Note: Don’t Call Me Brother is available in libraries. Get it there.

Coming up: A Pizza From Hell, Brother Z, and A Dead Cat. This one might make you chuckle.




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