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Monday, September 14, 2009

General • Reader Irked At Kennedy Story

When a comment is received in response to one of my stories, I ask for permission to publish it. When that is given, I attach it to the story. However, this one was so off the wall in so many ways that it deserves a feature spot since it has a surprise twist ending that I never expected. See if you can guess who the writer is, and where he or she is coming from.

The unsigned email (below) came as a result of my story (published by, “Last Roar of The Lion,”  which detailed the lavish catholic funeral given for Senator Ted Kennedy and questioned why he was given such a Christian honor considering his politics and personal conduct that violated every tenet of the catholic faith and Christianity in general. Shortly after it was published this came in.

-Original Message——-
To: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Sent: Sun, Sep 6, 2009 7:31 pm
Subject: last roar of the lion

There is no amount of time that you could have waited to publish your opinions on Kennedy that would be respectful. I thought that it was very unkind and un-Christian to write a story about anothers faults. Is it OK with you if someone you didn’t even know personally writes a story about your sins and puts it on the internet so your family and loved ones can read about it ?

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.


Anyone who sends a testy letter, but does not give their name is called, “A Grenade Thrower,” meaning that they throw the grenade and then duck out of sight and watch the debris fall where it may.

It was not “opinions” in my story but documented facts of Ted’s statements and actions. The grenade thrower suggests that I have written about someone I do not even know. The writer does not know me or who I know. This is presumption and passing judgement on me, the very sin the writer charges me with.Then again, people do tend to judge others by their own standard of conduct. See Romans 2:1.

And as for me having someone who does not know me write a story “about you and your sins,” that has happened numerous times and their charges of sin were constantly proved to be false as well as their claims to know me.

I sent a response to the writer, respectfully acknowledging receipt of the email stating that with his/her permission, I would publish the response with an additional request for his/her full name, state of residence and church affiliation. (I did that tongue-in-cheek figuring that it was an atheist liberal Kennedy supporter who had hurled the missile at me),

My first email request was ignored. I sent a second request. Then the response came: It was brief but STARTLING!  In huge letters the writer agreed that I could publish his response. My mouth dropped open at the sentence following his “OK.”  Here it is. Fasten your seat belt:

“OK, at the risk of damaging my chances to be the republican nominee from the great state of Tennessee,”
Cary Charisman
Christ Community Church

The writer who scolded me for telling the truth about the liberal politics of Ted Kennedy (backed by facts and documentation) is a church-going republican? When I got up off the floor I couldn’t help but think that with a republican like this,  who needs democrats?  As for me, I’m going out for along walk.

(Note: You can see the piece that prompted the email on this website by going to the story: “Last Roar of The Lion.”)




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