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Friday, March 1, 2013

Religion • Question: Why Would You STAY in Christianity?

Considering the vicious attacks launched without let-up by “Christians” (note the quotes) it is a fair question that certainly deserves an answer.

While in a period of burnout, where I hated and denounced all “Christians” and churches, there came to me a profound message, almost in neon lights.  My problem was NOT with God, but with people—Satan’s people. Certainly not the genuine Christians or church.

Satan has infiltrated the church and [it] is his demons that were determined to destroy me and the ministry God entrusted to me. While they wore the cloak of Christianity, they were total frauds—Active in Satan’s Service. Interesting, those are the first three letters for Assemblies of God. So that is where the problem is, not with God.

The AG is no more Christian than the Westboro Baptist Church group. These are the imposters who have spawned the Christian stereotype and caricature.

These stereotypes do not reflect true Christian ministers and workers who peacefully and quietly serve their communities and cities with total devotion to God.

For the first time in 35 years of relentless daily attacks, the last two weeks have been free of hate mail, email and phone messages, and for good reason.

I have been provided with an excellent program that screens all incoming email, detecting any words that implies harassment, hate or threats. These emails are bounced back to the sender with a copy going to area law enforcement which could result in a knock on the door.

Further notice is served upon The Assemblies of God.  Any further disruption of any church service I conduct will be met with ‘specialized ushers” who will take you down and hold you while police are notified. Then I will personally charge you with ‘Disrupting a Religious Service,’ which is a felony still in the law books.

While I refrained from justifiably suing those who printed lies about me, the gloves are off. I am now prepared to launch lawsuits. Let no “Christian” say, “The Bible says to not sue a ‘brother,’ that is a sin.”  These charlatans are NOT brothers, or sisters. They come from an entirely different family. The only thing I am required to do is to cast them out.

Anyone else from the Assembly of Godless who partners with an atheist who threatens to kill me like Zenas Bicket did, will be hit with a restraining order along with George O. Wood, the Don of the Pentecostal Mafia who is orchestrating these onslaughts.

Papers are ready to go to the IRS should there be any further battering. An examination of the late Thomas Zimmerman-Springfield Bank-and church donated funds scandal will be re-opened, plus, the leadership will be compelled to explain the current AG ownership of luxury private jets for the hierarchy at a cost of $100 million each. Flight logs will be subpoenaed to see what countries these jets took them to, with one country in particular being of interest.

These jets have nothing to do with church business. And that amount of money would build many new churches, mission stations and support struggling pastors. That is what those contributions are said to do when the congregations are hustled for cash. Not for private jets, crew and fuel.

One more assault will propel the papers, already drawn up, to be filed to declare the AG a cult, and in another action, a hate group.

This ministry that they tried to destroy is a totally devoted ministry where in one month’s time, there are more salvations, lives put back on track, marriages restored, and suicides prevented than any AG monister accomplishes in a year. Plus, this ministry trains chaplains. This ministry is going on as usual and will be rising into a new direction that will surprise everyone.

The AG is cautioned to never again get in my face. You will receive a swift and effective response, if you do, from subtle security. The slightest infraction or interference directed toward this God-given ministry by these putrid bags of human waste that deceptively claim to be “Christian” will immediately unleash one or all of the consequences listed above. The sledgehammer WILL come down upon you. I kid you not.  And you will hear the words you dread most: Satan-get thee behind me!

There are many,  GOOD ministers who, like me, came into that organization with a pure heart, with the only desire being to serve God and the people. My plea to those still there; please flee that cult immediately before the water in the kettle reaches the boiling point.  You cannot continue to be unequally yoked with those who do NOT serve God (2 Corinthians 6:14)  There are legitimate church bodies that can re- ordain you. I urge you to take that path.

This series comes as a result of 35 years of continued attacks by the AG, piling on so much held-in stress that it finally put me in the hospital over the holidays. Getting this out of my system has reduced that stress.  It has been like a mental enema. It is over. The only other mentions of the AG will not be made by me, but by newspapers reporting the results if they ever again trespass against me and my family by ignoring the above detailed warnings.

This ends the series even though the details given are only the tip of the iceberg. You can learn more by reading “Don’t Call Me Brother” which is available in libraries in the U.S. and Canada. The complete 10 part series can be seen on this website. Check Archives, bottom of page.




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